How to overcome perfectionism

How to overcome perfectionism

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Date(s) - 23/11/2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Why is it that we need things to be perfect before we put them into action? Why do we choose inaction over action? 

About this Event

“Before I do this, I need to do more research”

“I can’t start my own business without having a proper plan”

“Before I tell people about my idea I need to have it all thought through”

“I can’t go after my dream because I don’t have enough time”

These are just some of the excuses we keep telling ourselves so we can rather choose inaction and procrastination over putting our ideas into reality.

We’ve all been conditioned in a certain way and during this workshop, we will work on overcoming some of this conditioning and get past our needs for control and perfectionism. You will get the tools and knowledge to find out why you might be holding on to “it’s not good enough” and you will also learn how to overcome it.

Join us for a workshop that will help you to see past what’s possible.