Nov 2020

04th November 2020 Event type: International

In a collaboration between the local and the international to celebrate the rich network of JCI members, JCI London & JCI Tartus have launched the project “E-Culture Campsite” to explore the rich and diverse nature of our respective communities.

This second session aims to:

  • Create safe spaces for dialogue and discussion about concepts related to youths’ personal life and their industries.
  • Build an extensive network with people from different backgrounds.
  • Develop cooperation between JCI chambers around the world and exchange various experiences.

10th November 2020 Event type: Training

What does it mean to be an Effective Leader?

About this Event

What does it mean to cross boundaries and to thrive in times of uncertainty as we are facing right now?

This interactive session will explore how a leader can adapt to the fast changing environment, and introduce the concept of Personal Agility and its importance in leadership, particularly when crossing boundaries to solve complex problems, both at work and in society.

About Your Facilitator: Ridhima Tomar

JCI London is pleased to welcome Ridhima Tomar, the Development Director for Common Purpose Charitable Trust working in London. Her team runs leadership programmes for senior and emerging leaders locally and globally. Ridhima’s role is outward facing and she is responsible for taking leadership opportunities to different cities, leading on the Business Development strategy for open programmes running locally in London and New York. Ridhima is also responsible for the London alumni strategy, a community of over 4,500 leaders from different sectors and industries. She has worked with a range of global and domestic organisations from different sectors, with a workforce between 25-10,000 employees, and assisted staff in their leadership development.

23rd November 2020 Event type: Training

Why is it that we need things to be perfect before we put them into action? Why do we choose inaction over action? 

About this Event

“Before I do this, I need to do more research”

“I can’t start my own business without having a proper plan”

“Before I tell people about my idea I need to have it all thought through”

“I can’t go after my dream because I don’t have enough time”

These are just some of the excuses we keep telling ourselves so we can rather choose inaction and procrastination over putting our ideas into reality.

We’ve all been conditioned in a certain way and during this workshop, we will work on overcoming some of this conditioning and get past our needs for control and perfectionism. You will get the tools and knowledge to find out why you might be holding on to “it’s not good enough” and you will also learn how to overcome it.

Join us for a workshop that will help you to see past what’s possible.

25th November 2020 Event type: Council

JCI London’s Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday, 25th November at 7.00pm

About this Event

All London members are encouraged to come along, hear about the activities and successes of the chamber and help shape its future by standing for positions in and electing the next council. A opportunity for networking will be available prior to and after the meeting.