Jan 2020

15th January 2020 London College of Contemporary Arts Event type: Meeting

2020 is not just a new year….it’s a new DECADE. This makes it an exciting time for JCI London so come along and discover what lies ahead!

Do you want to make a significant impact by giving back to your community?

Are you passionate about using your personal development to inspire change?

Then look no further because we are the network for YOU!

During this inspirational evening you can enjoy the great opportunity to:

* Meet the 2020 Team and learn more about their projects and how you can contribute to them (main areas include: Community, Training & Personal Development, Business, Marketing, Social, and more!)

* Network with like-minded young professionals and learn more about the JCI global network, with opportunities in more than 100 countries

* See the possibilities to get involved in exciting projects and take on a leadership role

* Do you already have a project in mind, but looking for a team and some support? We may be able to help.

Let’s make this the time we really unlock our potential!

Dress Code: Business 

23rd January 2020 Event type: Training

  • Do you set goals and add them to your next year list?
  • Find it hard to maintain motivation?
  • Feel as though your confidence is being held back?

Then this interactive workshop is just for you! In JCI London’s first workshop of the new year discover how to smash your goals in 2020 and beyond by identifying key barriers to achieving that success, top tips on tackling them head on and watching the results unfold. Finally, you can take your goal setting to the next level.

No more procrastination – it’s time to take action!


Bianca is an experienced personal and corporate trainer who is passionate about helping others to create the right mindset where they can make a positive transition that sees them elevated in their career and more fulfilled in their personal life.

She is a firm believer that the results that we see in our lives are based on the way that we think, feel and act and champions the notion that there is a solution to overcoming all challenges if we care enough to seek, find, and execute it.

Feb 2020

27th February 2020 London School of Business and Finance Event type: Training

Are great public speakers born or made? Is public-speaking still relevant in today’s digital society?

About this Event

This keynote will look at the ingredients behind memorable speeches and speakers. We will begin by covering the one key question anybody must ask themselves before preparing a speech.

We will follow-on by looking at some of the misconceptions behind speech delivery and how they negatively impact nervous speakers looking to build up their skills. Finally, we will look at the cardinal rules every public speaker should know regardless of the context in which they are speaking.

Join us for an interactive workshop delving into the basic premise of public speaking and the key elements needed to be a successful speaker!

Your Facilitator: FLORIAN BAY