Oct 2018

25th October 2018 Guildhall Event type: Social

Want to learn about the City of London? What does the Corporation do, what is the purpose of livery companies ar ward clubs and how to become a City of London Freeman? (there is a very straightforward way for the JCI London member, but we won’t tell you just yet 😉 )

JCI Senator Keith Bottomley, who’s Deputy and Common Councilman at the City of London Corporation, kindly agreed to host us, show us around and answer our questions about the notorious structure of the City within the city.

This event is open to JCI members and their guests only (a ticket must be purchased by the JCI member) and is capped at 25 people, so make sure to book your place!

A wine reception is included in the ticket price.

30th October 2018 Grand Hyatt Event type: International


All JCI members are focused on personal development or business networking, some join to help their local community or for international networking. JCI mission states, to create positive change among local, national and international member. Each person’ s contribution adds something to the many great projects we carry out within our chapters locally. Together, all those projects create JCI’ s significant footprint of structural change throughout the world. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enlarge our footprint by joining forces inside and outside JCI? The impact we could be able to generate if we unite all sectors of society would be enormous. For the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, we will work with government agencies, businesses, and local communities to create an innovative and challenging program. A program which provides everyone with the means to multiply his or her impact. Not only during this congress, but in their own country and within their own community. A program that of course also makes sure that everyone will have an unforgettable experience in Goa. Together, WE COME, WE LEARN, WE DO!

The 2018 JCI World Congress at Goa (India) will be an event people want to be part of; active members, senators, alumni, and even non-members! Why? For the world-class speakers, for the fantastic company visits, for the famous Goan parties.

There will be plenty of opportunity for participants who prefer to divide their time over leadership content, attending JCI official meetings, tourist outings, parties and sports. Our program will have an official JCI program like the General Assembly, official JCI Courses and public speaking and debating contests, but also a Global Village Party, tourist trips to major Goan attractions, as well as company visits and a trade show. We will use new technologies to facilitate the congress wherever possible and useful.

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Nov 2018

07th November 2018 London College of Contemporary Arts Event type: Meeting

All London members are encouraged to come along, hear about the activities and successes of the chamber and help shape its future by standing for positions in and electing the next council.

This page will be updated with more information as we approach the date.

For any questions, please contact:

Ruta Rataviciute, President 2018: [email protected]

Drew Cornies, Deputy President 2018: [email protected]

23rd November 2018 Holiday Inn, Doncaster A1 (M), Jct.36 Event type: National Event

The 3-day conference will feature keynote speakers, training sessions, public speaking competitions and informal networking events. The conference’s theme, ‘Future You,’ is based on the idea that attendees will gain at least one experience or skill that their future self will thank them for. The programme will include all of the key elements of a JCI UK National Convention. This will include the TOYP awards, Friday night social (Including the Extempore competition), Morning Show, Debating and Public Speaking competitions, and National Council. There will also be a selection of alternative sessions to attend, including keynote speakers and training. We will then celebrate the culmination of 2018’s hard work at the gala dinner and awards.

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