Could you make an impact and join the JCI London Council 2020?

Could you make an impact and join the JCI London Council 2020?

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As the change to colder temperatures reminds us that we are nearing the end of 2019, so too have we reached the season for electing the new board who will take JCI London to the next level in 2020!

This also marks the inception of the five year strategy plan that JCI UK has been developing so it is an exciting time to really get involved! So the question is, what will YOUR role be?

Elected Roles:

Deputy President

The Deputy President is an essential role on the JCI London team as it concerns learning from the preparing to lead JCI London during the following year. Additionally this role is  an opportunity to get to know members and network with past JCI London presidents, Senators and other chambers and create your own vision for the chamber. But it’s not just about observing – the Deputy plays a key role in delivering the current year’s plan of action and leading the team with the President.

Community Action Director

This role is one of the hallmarks of the JCI Vision, an area of opportunity that enables us to be the change we want to see in our communities. The Community Action Director champions the SDGs, ensuring they run through everything we do, and leads the chamber’s work with charities and other community organisations. This allows members to get involved with new events while simultaneously contributing to the local community. The Community Action Director will apply the Active Citizen Framework to assess the most important needs of the London community and to develop solutions to make real positive change and impact.

Business Development & Partnerships Director

This plays a key role in strengthening our existing partnerships (e.g. the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, City of London corporation and London School of Business & Finance) and creating new opportunities for JCI London to collaborate and form key relationships with other organisations, to drive the growth and development of the chamber.

Marketing & Membership Director

Be a part of the core team of the chamber to lead marketing, producing content (social media / blog posts, videos, newsletters, etc.) for the chamber’s marketing activities to engage our membership base. Also developing a strategy for membership growth and development

Events Director

This role concerns taking the lead on social programmes and activities for members throughout the year as well as shaping the chamber’s communication strategy.

Project Manager

If you are passionate about an area of opportunity, this is a flexible position for you to create, lead or contribute to projects for the chamber. Unlike other roles on the board, it’s possible to have multiple Project Managers on our team.


If these board roles peak your interest, please complete an Intent to Stand form no later than 23:55 on Monday, 18th November 2019. Please also be advised that these roles carry a commitment of 1 year. 

Supporting Roles:

For those who are unable to fulfill an official board role but are still keen to be actively involved in the development of the chamber:


What better way to champion our JCI trainings than for them to be facilitated by our own members. If you have expertise in a certain field, share that knowledge by facilitating our events!

Support Manager

An ad hoc role to assist board members with their respective portfolios in JCI areas of opportunity. This can include:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Business
  • Community initiatives (e.g. London’s Outstanding Young People programme)
  • Event Planning


For further information on these roles and opportunities please contact Deputy President Chantelle Nylander – Quartey ([email protected])

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