The first ever JCI UK Facilitator session: let’s get inclusive!

The first ever JCI UK Facilitator session: let’s get inclusive!

March 28, 2019 8:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Skills development is clearly one the most beneficial aspects of JCI for me, so I was really curious this discover this new session that is being rolled out. Plus, three other members from London were going, so it was also an opportunity to get to know them better.

I also would like someday to be able to lead a skill development session to continue the transfer of knowledge through JCI. I already had followed the “Train the Trainer” session about a year ago, so I was curious to see what insights this new course would offer.

During this session, you will of course go over the basics of how to present yourself and what you have to say to an audience (speak loudly, clearly, with pauses and good placement). You will then learn how to structure your content to make it interactive, diverse and engaging, also accommodating the different learning styles.

What really changes this time, in my experience, was the special focus on being inclusive and using the audience’s cumulative knowledge. This really shows a more modern approach of skills development for adults within JCI, accounting for the fact that participants all have rich and diverse experience that a facilitator can use to make the session richer and more impactful. In addition, we know that the retention rate is a lot higher when participants interact with the subject they are learning about.

So to sum up, I had a great time and I really enjoyed this new session provided by two excellent facilitators, Keira Keogh and Derek Reilly. I got to see Birmingham, which was… and then I met a lot of great people, like everytime with JCI.

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