Chantelle’s reflections from the LEAP Academy

Chantelle’s reflections from the LEAP Academy

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Our JCI London member Chantelle Nylander recently attended LEAP (Leadership Excellence in Action Programme), organised by JCI UK each year. Here are some of her reflections on the weekend: 


What is LEAP? LEAP is a dynamic training academy designed to cultivate leadership skills within its’ attendees in a supportive environment – and this was my encounter upon attending in Barnsley in September 2018. The intensive programme spans over the course of three days (Friday  – Sunday), conducted by seasoned trainers whose collective expertise ensures you are getting great value for money.

From the onset the objective was clear: to explore various leadership forms and discover how they may manifest in areas such as delegation, team motivation, managing conflict and of course, self-development. These aspects were to be compiled into modules against the backdrop of the wider JCI vision: Being a world changer.

What I found particularly unique about LEAP was that its delivery was comprehensive enough to cater to diverse learning styles. For instance, the use of colour to illustrate different personality types (aka Four Insights) was helpful for me to process as a visual learner and the practical nature of some exercises would be beneficial for those of a more kinaesthetic persuasion. In short, there was something for everyone.

Whether you already possess a leadership role at work, or someone aspiring thereto, LEAP’s informative yet fun filled format is able to extend a hand, meet you wherever you are and pull you up to the next level. It builds confidence and competence, enough to inspire people like myself to contact their local chamber and consider opportunities to make a real impact in the community. This rich experience, complemented by good quality cuisine and accommodation makes the LEAP academy quite the adventure so come along for the ride!


LEAP will run again during 2019, currently scheduled for 20-22 September in Birmingham. We’ll share more details closer to the date so you don’t miss your chance to experience it! 


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