Could you step up and be the 2019 Deputy President for JCI London?

Could you step up and be the 2019 Deputy President for JCI London?

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The Deputy President is an essential role on the JCI London team, and I can speak from experience that it’s one of the most rewarding positions as well. It’s a year of learning from the current Local President and preparing to lead JCI London during the following year. It’s also an opportunity to get to know members and network with past JCI London presidents, Senators and other chambers and create your own vision for the chamber. But it’s not just about observing – the Deputy plays a key role in delivering the current year’s plan of action and leading the team with the President.

Here are some reflections from Rafael Tselikas, who served as Deputy President of JCI London in 2015 and President during 2016:

“After being active for a bit more than 2 years at JCI London, the amazing opportunity to take on the role of Deputy President presented itself. The three-year journey has been an amazing experience where I learned and honed some invaluable skills such as building a team, running projects from start to finish, and chairing meetings.

During this period I got the opportunity to volunteer with amazing people, some of which became good friends, as well take part in inspiring experiences such as being involved in a global peace awareness campaign and volunteering at the Calais refugee camp. I would strongly recommend this experience to an active member in London who wants to strengthen their leadership skills, create new friendships and make a positive difference in this beautiful city and beyond!”

Not sure if you have enough past experience for your one year to lead? Not to worry, Deputy Presidents can apply to attend the JCI European Academy – an immersive training programme to develop yourself as a leader, which gives you everything you need to lead the chamber. Many people cite European Academy as their best ever JCI experience!

To find out more about what it means to lead the chamber, check out the role descriptions for the 2019 Deputy President and 2020 President. Read more about the JCI London Council here.

If this opportunity excites you, please contact Deputy President Drew Cornies ([email protected]) to register your interest and then complete the intention to stand form and send it to Drew by 8 pm on 8 November. This form asks for the reasons you want to stand, your experience, and your ideas for the role. Two JCI members will need to propose and second your nomination.

We will let you know if more than one person stands for the role in case you wish to prepare an election campaign. Candidates would be voted on by JCI London members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 14 November.  

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