Making an Impact Without Wealth, Power or Fame Like Zuckerberg, Gates or Buffet

Making an Impact Without Wealth, Power or Fame Like Zuckerberg, Gates or Buffet

December 25, 2015 6:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced last week that they are going to donate 99% of their shares in Facebook. At today’s market rate, it’s about $45bn.

Hat’s off to him for making a decision that will benefit billions of people from the around the globe for decades to come.

A cause for celebration for all. 

It will also set an example for everyone in our generation who has the means to give. He is not the first one to make such bold decision. Gates, Buffet along with many other billionaires have made similar pledges.

The process seems to be ‘accumulate first and then give back’. Of course, we have to have things to give back. 

But, not everyone is going to end up like Zuckerberg, Gates or Buffet. Only 1% of the human population have the kind of wealth & power that these guys have. So, the chances are quite small (statistically speaking) for good many of us to end up in that position, to make that kind of impact.

What, then? Does it mean our lives (the good many of us that can accumulate that level of wealth to give back) are less meaningful? 

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Churchill

What if we reverse the process? What if we start today with what we have? I don’t think we need to have millions in the bank account or fame or power to give back, to make an impact.

Here’re seven free ‘things’ that anyone can give at any time to make an impact (the best part is, all of these are usually returned tenfold, not literally, but you will get the point as you read on): 

1. Smile
I have travelled to over 20 countries in the last three years. If there is one thing I have learnt is that ‘smile is a universal language’. It works at the streets of Moscow to Bucharest to the little village in Bangladesh. Give it to every single person that you meet, and you will receive smiles in return. (Spoiler alert!) Some people may think you are crazy, but do you care? 😉

2. Kind Words
We were created to be kind (if you believe in that kind of stuff). I say it because, I have always seen kindness being returned with kindness. Give a kind word to others and that will be returned with kindness. (Spoiler alert!) Sceptics will think (at least initially) you have some hidden agenda, but who cares!

3. Good Thoughts
Good thoughts are reciprocal. Always. Give out good thoughts about others, and even about what you find yourself doing, and you will live a good life, and good thoughts will be thought about you. 

4. Appreciation
Give appreciation and your life will appreciate (be added to in value), and in turn, you will be greatly appreciated. (Spoiler alert) It may not work, at first, but stick to the process results will follow.

5. Encouragement
Give encouragement and you will be imbued with fresh courage to face each day, and be prepared to attract encouragement to you.

If my words are not convincing enough, just listen to this guy (Lance Miller) fromToastmasters. (Link to 1st London Toastmasters, my favourite club in London). 

6. Digital Endorsements
Give endorsements and recommendations in Linkedin, promote someone with a tweet, like someone’s status in Facebook, love someone’s picture in Instagram. Mention someone’s good work in your post. (of course, be real and only if you really ‘like’ them)

On that note, see my friend Nisha Kotecha’s inspiring work with the Good News Shared. Nisha is tirelessly promoting uplifting stories about inspirational people and projects. Sign up for her newsletter. 

7. Time 
I have saved the best for the last. Give up your time to a greater cause than yourself, and it will cause you to be rewarded in ways beyond your imagination.

Check out this great organisation JCI that I’m very proudly part of and if you’re also inspired to make an impact, come and meet our exciting members on 12th of January for our 2016 kick-off event at Neo Barbican. It’s free and people praise us for our friendliness and superb hosting skills. You’ll enjoy the evening. 🙂

Want to know more about JCI? Check this video:

Written by Bandhu P. Das, JCI London Finance Director 2016

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