Meet Dexter Dash – JCI London’s President 2014

Meet Dexter Dash – JCI London’s President 2014

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This is the first 2014 interview by me, Sofie Sandell. I was JCI London’s president 2008 and I think it’s amazing to get to know all the new people who are getting involved in JCI. Now in January I interviewed Dexter Dash to get to know him a bit better. Please share the interview in with your friends and network!

Congratulations Dexter, you are the 2014 President of JCI London.

How are you today?
Fantastic. Inspired.

What was it that made you step up to the leadership position in JCI London? Dexter Dash JCI London
I never aspired to the presidency until I was asked. Even then it didn’t appeal to me. Once I thought about what I could bring to the organisation I then thought about the personal gains. From that moment it felt like the next natural step.

Can you tell me about your background?
I was born in London and have always lived in London. My family is originally from Barbados, and my family is a priority for me. I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively. In 2013 I went to Italy, Brazil, Austria, Botswana, Monaco, Nice and Sweden. I believe there that education, both traditional and non traditional are both valid to improving ourselves. I Love to read. I’m a learning enthusiast and a big fan of sports.

What do you do when you are not JCI-ing?
Architect by day – start ups by night.

Who is a leader you admire?
Increasingly my family, and many of my friends

What is it you like about them?
Their willingness to try. Their willingness to confront fears. The tenacity is infectious. Their aspirations. Their personal desire to manifest themselves, whatever that may be, great or small and choosing what that means. Their belief in playing the long game. That they don’t get distracted from their own game plan, particularly by the achievements of others. Ultimately the self belief.

Which are your dream partnerships for JCI London?
Nike,, Bill Gates Foundation and silicon roundabout.

Where will you travel with JCI this year?
Malta, Belgium, Germany and Estonia.

Which is the best JCI project you’ve been involved in?
“The Partnership” which is this year’s concept of the JCI London council. The JCI London council essentially manage the running of the JCI London each year. There is a motto in JCI “By the members, for the members” and it’s those three words “for the members” which created the idea for thinking about the council as a partnership.
We want to try and exemplify the teamwork. We changed the name to partnership because we invite and wish to include our members at all levels of participation to have a voice in JCI London. The simple idea of “better together” is a philosophy at the heart of what it means to be a part of JCI. A close second would be TEDx within the context of JCI projects, it’s simply unique and the great thing about TEDx is it’s subtle influence on other JCI projects .

Who is the best inspirational speaker you’ve listened to?
At the moment I listen to Thich Nhat Hanh. Eric Thomas was my daily mp3 running partner. Brene Brown is a wonderfully grounding speaker. Martin Luther King speeches and Mohammed Ali interviews, the 50th Law, Russell Simons and Action Jackson whose book and 30 day challenge I am in the middle of doing for the 2nd time.

If anyone would like to step outside their comfort-zone in JCI, but don’t know how to do it, what are your best tips for them?
Do it. If that doesn’t work verbalise it. Someone will hold us to account for what we say. Find anyone who will make that step with you.

What’s your hidden talent?
lt;br />I’m a great babysitter – love love love kids, especially naughty kids! Particularly from 2 to 8 years old. My family would take my sister and I on day trips to museums, theatre, walks around central London, tourist hot spots, cinema etc. I loved going to the South Bank as a kid and walking to Trafalgar Square. Children have such a unique understanding of the world and it’s great to hear their opinions on the world as they see it.

Do you have a favourite quote?
No.The impact of the words are determined by my circumstances at the time.

Do you have any crazy JCI ideas you would like to propose?
If I had a longer term as president, I’d aim for a million pounds turn over in three years. But as I only have 1 year, I’d like to take 30 JCI members to JCI World Congress in November for free. I don’t think it’s crazy because I think it’s totally doable if we work for it. That and tripling the membership in two years.

Can JCI help you with anything? Connections? Mentors?
The short answer is yes. Actually it’s more of a YES, than a yes. Perhaps the question to ask is “…Am I ready to receive help and advice?” Today ‘Special Projects Director’ Matt Beavan sent a message “if you focus on results you will never change, if you focus on change, you will get results”

Thank you Dexter!

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