Public Speaking Club

Public Speaking Club

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“There have always been great public speakers and great public speeches in our societies – from the great Greek and Latin philosophers to the modern political activists and visionaries. And despite the fact that ideas and styles may have changed in time, there has always been one common ground – the audience and the need to address the audience in an inspiring, convincing way that can touch them and make them share our ideas in order to make a change for the better around us.

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And how can we actually do that? On Wednesday evening, one of the greatest public speakers in the UK Simon Bucknall shared his ideas in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. All presentations, no matter the topic, are in fact conversations between you, the speaker, and your audience, Simon told us. And the more you shift towards your audience looked upon as an interlocutor, the better.

And what exactly does your audience need? Well, they need good rapport, a roadmap to see where you take them and most importantly they need to see a purpose, a goal. Once the public speaker manages to build these three elements, the road to success is almost guaranteed.

However, what I do believe is missing from this triangle is its very centre, which is the honest belief and passion for what you are putting across – and on Wednesday 18th July at the London Chamber of Commerce, I could see passionate speakers talking from their hearts about the things that touched their lives in such meaningful ways

Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you so much for the opportunity, JCI London Training Team!

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By Roxana Pascariu

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