Nine weeks to the Edinburgh Marathon for NBN – eek!!!

Nine weeks to the Edinburgh Marathon for NBN – eek!!!

March 24, 2012 4:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

OK, as some of you may know last year Soraya and I ran round Loch Ness for Nothing But Nets. So when I came back did I get some well deserved R and R? Hmm..I got an e mail. It was from Soraya, along the lines of ‘Would you be interested in doing the Edinburgh Marathon in May? I fancy doing my first marathon.’ Turns out JCI Sheffield were going to Edinburgh to run the Marathon for Nothing But Nets and some amongst us felt that there needed to be some JCI London representation in support. How could I refuse?

So, I find myself going for the marathon hat-trick and Soraya has taken the plunge and is going for the full 26 miles. May seemed quite a way off when I agreed to this but now it edges ever closer. It is just over nine weeks to go and am I marathon ready?

Well, I have been trying to do regular runs but they have been on the short and sweet side. I do need to up the distance over the next few weeks if I am to get round, never mind beat my time in Loch Ness. 

However, I am sure what will help Soraya and I up our training is the thought of many bednets being bought. The name of the campaign ‘Nothing But Nets’ really does say it all. It really is nothing but nets. A $10 bednet can save a life and we would really appreciate it if you could use the link below to find out more about this important campaign and buy a bednet.


Many thanks, Alex

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