Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year !!!

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 The year begins for me  on 1st February and marks the start of the great work JCI London Community team needs to do to make an impact in our communities on a local, national and global level.
January has flown by with the planning and thinking behind how we (JCI members) tackle the problems we see in the world the today-a HUGE task!!! Which leads onto my anthem for this year for when I start feel my drive and passion being challenged and I will play this song, check out the lyrics and you will see why.

My anthem for 2012 is: Alicia Keys ‘Superwoman’



The most important goal for me is about how I can engage and enable members to turn their ‘PASSION INTO ACTION’ and impact our communities at a local level. Well, Inspiration Day really helped me to put my vision and plan of action together; our keynote speaker Noam Kostucki imparted two key messages which I call ‘golden nuggets’ which have  helped me to clarify ideas and plans for the year.

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The first idea  was about how you communicate your vision, is not to talk about the vision instead visualise the vision, so we had to draw our vision for the year and share it with other people in the room. It was interesting and fun trying to decipher people’s vision from some very interesting pictures.See if you can guess what my vision for the community in 2012 below, I have used images from the web to make it a little bit easier. Please leave your comments or why not come along to our first community meeting to find out more.

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JCI Community Team vision for 2012- Can you guess my vision is for the year?

The second ‘golden nugget’ was the six days of 10-30 minutes of action you need to take that will move you towards your vision or goal. Noam used the analogy of the world being created in seven days and on the seventh day you rest and review your week to see what has worked and which actions were not productive and then plan for the next six days. Well since inspiration day I have been using this method and it really works, I have managed to produce the outline for about four blogs as well as get members to write blogs as well. To find out more please come along to our team meeting on Wednesday 8 February and Tuesday 21 February to find out more. However if you are unable to come to a meeting please do email me to discuss opportunities avaialbe.


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