The JCI difference

The JCI difference

November 22, 2011 8:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Last week I was called into a meeting at short notice with the CEO of my company and one of the top executives in our European group. The reason; a plan of action I had put together following a department meeting I had run using techniques learned through JCI.

How did I cope with being asked to present this at short notice? I was fine! The courses I’ve attended and experience I’ve gained in JCI mean that I am comfortable presenting a wide range of topics to different types of audience. The skills I’ve learned give me the confidence to know that I can handle unexpected challenges and think on my feet.

That to me is the difference that JCI makes. I’m pretty sure that not everyone (including myself in my pre-JCI days) would have been able to handle that situation. Thanks to JCI I could. And what’s even better is that my boss had the confidence in me to know I would. He’d even told the people in the meeting about JCI!


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