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JCI Presenter

September 25, 2011 8:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

JCI Presenter graduates, JCI London.

By James Lynch

JCI London Member

Last Saturday, nine lucky Jaycees took part in the eagerly anticipated JCI Presenter course.

I have to say it didn’t disappoint.

First, a massive thank you to Lina and Simon for making the experience so enjoyable and putting us all at ease right from the start.

Presenting to a group is something that many people find intimidating – and I am no exception. Despite this tendency towards flight instead of fight (the result of ‘adrenaline’, commonly misconceived as ‘nerves’ as Simon explained) I felt that having a firmer grasp of how to handle these situations would help me, both a personally and professionally. It was really rewarding to see the improvement in myself and the rest of the group over what was only a few hours.

We began by giving a few comments to introduce ourselves and our various backgrounds. As always in JCI, there was a wide range of professions, industries and nationalities. We then launched into topics and techniques in areas such as Presentation Styles, Openings, Structure, Body Language, Voice Tone, On Stage Movement to name a few before we were set the task of talking for 3 minutes on a given topic at the end of the day.

Under normal circumstances, this is where I’d ‘flee’ – but not this time! After spending the day absorbing the wealth of information on offer, by the time it came to my turn, I was… well, genuinely looking forward to the challenge! If any of you have experienced these negative feelings before speaking to a large group, you can imagine how refreshing it felt to have these replaced by excitement and anticipation.

This shift certainly changed the way I view Presenting and Public Speaking and I’m really looking forward to building on my new found enthusiasm by taking the JCI Trainer course (the next course in the series) when it becomes available.

I would strongly encourage anyone seeking to improve in this area to try this course as the impact can be seen immediately and, based on the quality of the training, the value for money is simply uncontested.

As an interesting side point, at the end of the day Lina talked through the training structure on offer to JCI members and if you’re not aware of it I strongly recommend you check it out here www.jci.cc/training/en/home.php. It was exciting to think that the group of people that had gone through the course with me that day could one day be giving the same training to others in the future, possibly on an international stage!

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