Everything you’ve heard is TRUE!! ECM 2011

Everything you’ve heard is TRUE!! ECM 2011

May 30, 2011 12:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Blog » International » ecm.jpgI was on the flight back to London, tired, exhausted, sleepy… yet somehow I was excited. I have just been introduced to a whole new dimension in JCI that I have never experienced before. I sat on the flight thinking of this blog, where would I start?

From a group sunrise hug, to eye opening company visits, a sexy lingerie fashion show to endless party nights. Even with the three hours’ sleep per night, my first international JCI event, the European Capitals Meeting hosted by JCI Tallinn, had blown my mind away.

I don’t want to sound cliché and mention all the same things that we hear all the time about international events, but they are all TRUE! It was the perfect holiday with the combination of personnel development, tourism, culture and social events. I had an immediate connection with all other likeminded jaycees that I spoke too. Members that were just like me, that inspired me, that made me want to push for more. ‘Friends’ (as I will call them) that I have now all over Europe that I cannot wait for them to visit me or I visit them. I even built a much stronger friendship with the other JCI London members that attended and got to know them better.

Blog » International » xxxx.pngThe event organisation was outstanding. The communication and the care that was paid towards every attendant made each one feel like the whole event was organised for them. Thanks to Pille Lodi and her team, Ivar Veskioja the JCI Tallinn IVP and last but not least Kati Veskimägi JCI Tallin President for being an excellent hostess.

My first JCI international event is over. But here I am, waiting, and counting, the hours for my next international event, JCI European Conference in Tarragona… just a few days away!!!

Eyad Hamouieh

International Director 2011

JCI London

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