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I have just finished reading Clive Woodward’s autobiography Winning!  Clive was the coach of the England rugby team that won the World Cup in 2003.  I’m not a rugby fan, I didn’t watch the world cup, in fact I think I’ve probably only seen a rugby match once or twice in my life.  So what was I doing reading this particular book?

It was recommended as a great text on leadership and I was not disappointed.  Clive describes how he used his experience in the business world to lead the team to glory against all the odds.  The book includes some important lessons in building a team with one culture, creating successful win-win partnerships, thinking laterally to find a way around otherwise insurmountable obstacles and not compromising in order to achieve results.

I don’t often read autobiographies, yet Clive’s book in places reads more like a novel.  It has a narrative that draws you in, there are cliffhanger endings to chapters and a lot of emotion (not always ideal as I was mainly reading on the tube!).

I would recommend the book to anyone interested in leadership, motivation, teamwork..oh and rugby!



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