Past JCI London Presidents awarded ‘Freemen of London’

Past JCI London Presidents awarded ‘Freemen of London’

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It used to be a tradition that the Presidents of JCI London received the Freedom of the City of London for service to the City. It’s a tradition we took up again this year and we hope to catch up with some of the presidents that got skipped over the years. Marco, Solveig and I got awarded in the City of London yesterday. To be a Freeman means that we can finally bring our sheep over London Bridge without paying toll (think the traffic police would be very unhappy though).It’s a formal ceremony and you promise this:

“I do solemnly declare that I will be good and true to the our Sovereign Lady QUEEN ELIZABETH ll; that I will be obedient to the Mayor of the City: that I will maintain the Franchises and Custom thereof, and will keep this city harmless in that which in me is: that i will also keep the Queen’s peace in my own person; that I will know no Gathering nor Conspiracies made against the the Queen’s Peace, but I will warn the Mayor thereof, or hinder it to my power : and that all these point and articles I will well and truly keep, according to the Laws and Customs of this City, to my Power.”


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By Sofie Sandell, JCI London Past President 2008

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