Interested In Joining?

We are very glad you are interested in joining us. we look forward to welcoming you! 

You can join by completing the membership form and direct debit mandate on the JCI UK website. The paperwork is handled centrally - but soon enough, you will be officially enrolled as a JCI member. You will receive the welcome pack from JCI UK and our Membership Director will also be in touch.

Once you have completed the online application please email and our Local President David Khanna will assist you with your first steps at JCI London! 


Membership subscription of £120 is for a period of twelve months and is payable by DirectDebit via GoCardless.

Membership is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 40 and currently, costs just £120 per year (£10 per month) for standard membership or £50 for student membership (full-time students only). We also have corporate membership opportunities. As a member of JCI UK, as well as attending local events and getting involved in local projects, you can attend events nationally and internationally.

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So where does your annual membership fee go?

£55.15 of your membership goes to the National Organisation, which covers your insurance at events, supports the website, and literature that is distributed during the year, amongst other things. £3 goes to your Region, which supports the local chambers. £7.50 goes to the JCI - The Worldwide organisation. £0.35 goes to the European Development Council. The remaining £54 stays within your own Chamber, to be spent on events, venues, bursaries and your development.