“Jet Set Your Career’’ (JSYC)

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(Jet Set Your Career - session 1, 10  February 2016)

1.    Mission:

 Jet Set Your Career is a series of training events aimed for young professionals (with a few years’ experience) who wish to take their career to another level. The JCI training team is providing variety of workshops, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities. The idea is to move people out of their comfort zone and to help them grow and prosper within their current job or help them take the leap towards their desired job.

 2.    Vision:

Becoming the leading organization in London that empowers young professionals (20s-30s) to excel in their careers by assessing paths for career development, developing key competencies and

 3.    Benefits of contributing:

  •  As Volunteers: Broadening own perspective, gaining valuable experience, meeting ambitious people, developing each other and own career.Other benefits for the volunteers: LinkedIn recommendations, Photo Book of memories, new friendships.
  •  As Speakers: Experience as a Trainer/Facilitator/Speaker; Popularity and visibility via our promoting campaign; meeting ambitious young professionals and making a positive impact on society.
  •  As Participants: Benefiting from our workshops that will develop key professional competencies and will assess paths to career development; taking advantage of the networking possibilities and the coaching/mentoring program.


The trainings that will be organized by the JCI Training team will equip you with the key skills & competencies that are needed in order to advance in your career. There will be workshops on Goal Setting, Career Planning, Organizational & Influencing topics, which will enable you to align your current job/career with the future one and will help you identify paths towards it.

Our team will provide you not only with the events, but also with the tools for career development - coaching/mentoring; personality tests and networking opportunities.