JCI London Business 2016 has 3 main goals:

Focusing on new technologies, supporting entrepreneurs and straightening our relationships.


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As the top business cluster in Europe, London is the vivid home city of serial entrepreneurs, innovative startups, fast-paced companies and presents unending opportunities for young professionals - on the condition that you know how to navigate the challenges on your way and avoid the hurdles of a demanding and unsettling job market.

The JCI London Business Team delivers high-quality business events thorough the year, empowering young professionals and enabling them to unlock their potential and achieve both outstanding career progression and self-development.


In 2016, the JCI Business Program will deliver the keys to make an impact in your career and your life:


JCI Business Nights: a series of events in the spirit of the TED talks conferences, curated by highly knowledgeable speakers for an inspiring and entertaining night. This year focus will be on future of technology: we will be exploring all the exciting upcoming projects and development in technology. A specific theme will be developed during each Business Nights, various aspects being explored such as fin tech, big data, digital health, wearable technology (and more to come!).

These events are unique occasions to extend your knowledge, explore new technologies and their impact on society and our day-to-day life, share ideas, network and be inspired by high-skilled experts

The first Business Night ‘Spotlight on Edge of Connectivity’ will be held on 21st April. Come along and explore Big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, and how they are re defying the everyday business landscape.

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JCI Know How Transfer Program: adapted from a successful European JCI Program, the Know How Transfer is an Initiative created to engage a discussion between government and young entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about JCI within the government, and foster connections between young entrepreneurs and UK government stakeholders. It targets young entrepreneurs working on innovative, sustainable and/or social initiatives in the UK Program and details to be announced soon.

More information can be found on the EU initiative, please click here


We are also currently working on two others projects that we will update shortly:

-        A program for Side Hustlers

-        An academy event for directors.

Business in JCI is also a great way to network with like-minded and driven young professionals, share ideas and develop and lead inspiring projects.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information or any potential opportunity.


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