Making the Most of Your Membership

Membership of JCI London is all about opportunities:

  • Training - First class training events designed to help personal and professional About us » Thumbs Up.jpgdevelopment.
  • Business - Exposure to some of the foremost business leaders in the country.
  • Community - Helping to put something back into the local community through projects which develop planning, organisational and team working skills.
  • International - Membership of JCI means being a part of a truly international organisation where twinning weekends and conferences throughout Europe and the rest of the world provide the chance to train and network with international JCI members.
  • Social - Making life-long friends and having fun!

More information about these areas of opportunity and the kind of projects we run can be found under the relevant pages on this website.

Membership of JCI London is what you make of it.  We encourage "learning by doing" and constantly find that the more our members put into the organisation, the more they get out.  All activities are carried out in a supportive environment allowing members to push themselves and try new things without judgement or fear of failure.

JCI UK runs a programme called Pathways to Active Citizenship to help you get the most out of membership. It is designed to guide you through the varied opportunities available in JCI. There are 3 levels of achievement:

Active Membership - complete a set number of activities to achieve the first award

Active Pathways- complete a set number of activities from your chosen area of activities

Active Citizenship- once you have completed the active membership and 2 active pathways you will be eligible for the active citizenship award.

We understand that our members lead busy lives, but  being actively involved in JCI does not necessarily have to take up lots of time - you can take on as much or as little as you feel able.  Just some of the opportunities (small and big) to take an active role in JCI  include:About us » Team Work.jpg

  • Helping out on the night with the running of a training/business/social event
  • Taking on a role within a project team
  • Leading a project or event
  • Being on a team for one of our areas of opportunity
  • Becoming a member of the local, national or international board

The best way to find out more is to come along to an event  - that way you can experience for yourself what we do and talk to our members to find out what they have gained from the organisation.  Most events are open to non-members - check out the diary for details of forthcoming events.  

Please contact our Membership Director for more information about the benefits of membership, or join us today.