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8th May, 2014

Belgrade 2014 - The start of the ECM
by Svenja Koeppe on May 8, 2014 15:30


It is time for the ECM - a non-offical JCI international event that was created by JCI London and Berlin in 1993. Still going strong with capitals all over Europe hosting the event every year this year's ECM is held by JCI Belgrade from the 8th until the 11th May 2014. Of course some London members made their way to Serbia and Marco Van Den Heuvel JCI Senator and President of JCI London 2009 is reporting about the event while it is happening.

Blog » International » ecm photo collection 1.jpg

I have been to National Conventions, twinning weekends, European Conferencences and a World Congress, but my favourite is still the European Capitals Meeting (ECM); big enough to get the international experience, small enough to get to know everyone during the event. Perhaps I am biased having organised the ECM in 2008.

So here I am in Belgrade with ECM veteran and friend Shafiq Mumani. We arrived 1day before it started and after dropping the luggage off at our host's house, we went straight to a night club to meet some of the other delegates from Amsterdam and Belgrade. These guys here know how to party hard: loud and late. Bedtime was at 4:30 am and my ears are still buzzing. Should I be worried about the nights to come, as we haven't even started yet?

Greetings from Belgrade


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23rd Nov, 2012

2013 JCI European Conference in Monte-Carlo - just 187 days to go
by Anke Brandts on November 23, 2012 10:17


Just 187 days until the 2013 JCI European Conference in Monte-Carlo on 29 May 2013!

Online registration - Registration for EC2013 is open, both for online credit card payment and for bank transfers. To register, please go to The early bird fees of 349 Euro are available until 31 January 2013.

Accommodation booking platform - The 2013 European Conference might be taking place in the middle of the high tourist season but we have negotiated exceptional low season rates in all the best hotels of the Principality of Monaco for an unforgettable experience. Once you have registered, you will be e-mailed the links to the booking platform. We can guarantee that you will not find better prices elsewhere on the internet for hotels in Monaco. But please note that these rates are only available until 31 January 2013 and are on a first come first served basis, so don’t wait too long.

Travelling to Monaco
- Monaco is easily accessible from all over the world thanks to its proximity to Nice Airport, France’s second busiest airport, just a 35 minute drive away, with easy access to low cost flights from all over Europe. Save up to 20% on travel with the STAR ALLIANCE™ NETWORK promotional convention code. For full information and an idea of flight prices, please see

Is Monaco really that expensive? - Monaco is no way near as expensive as you may think for such a glamorous location, as long as you follow our advice. Please see the article on our website for more information about how to make the most of the best that Monaco Monte-Carlo has to offer without breaking the bank

Snap the Schmurtz contest - Our Snap the Schmurtz contest is still in full swing and the winners will be decided after the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei. Prizes will be announced soon. For more information and to see the photos that have already been submitted, please see

F1 Grand Prix pre-tour - The COC have established some unforgettable F1 Grand Prix pre-tour packages to suit all budgets, these are now online at If you wish to join, please book as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment as demand is extremely high. We would also advise you to book accommodation in Nice and flights very quickly in order to benefit from the best prices.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them by e-mail at

The latest information will be posted on our website and on our Facebook group.
We look forward to welcoming you next year!

The JCI EC 2013 Monte-Carlo Organising Team

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18th Sep, 2012

Why a JCI Conference should be high on your list of “Things to do”

The JCI European Conference is an annual event which sees Jaycees from all over Europe (and the rest of the world) converge on an European destination for several days. 2012 was no different with the Conference being held in Braunschweig, Germany in June. Although I had heard of the legacy of JCI European Conferences from other Jaycees, my experience as a delegate surpassed all expectations. I was fond of JCI before, but after European Conference: I love JCI !

European Conference officially ran from 13th - 17th June 2012. However, it began two days earlier for me as I was a participant in the Official JCI Trainer course. Taking the course with international Jaycees and being trained by two of the best international JCI Trainers you are likely to come by (Marcel and Marju) was a phenomenal experience.

Blog » International » JCI_EC_2.jpg

Although the international element did make the two day course that much more intense, it also made it that much more valuable as I got so much more learning out of it.

For the remainder of the Conference I had registered myself to tour a Jägermeister factory, attend a keynote speech by the CEO of Volkswagen Financial Services, attend separate workshops and seminars on personal branding, groupthink and business success factors, as well as squeeze in some time for sightseeing of Braunschweig via an Old-timer bus.
Quite a schedule but the Conference was not all work as play was definitely present with a phenomenal party each night. Whether it was the party following the Conference opening ceremony, the Alps Night, or the Nothing but Nets Charity Night, Jaycees let loose from the day's activities, mingled and partied up a storm, and then some!

In particular, the opening ceremony held on the evening of the 13th June stands out for me. Held in Volkswagen Halle - an indoor sporting arena whose arena has a capacity of 7,000 people and which is home to the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig basketball team - the opening ceremony can only be described as an extravaganza. For anyone looking to find the UK delegates, they were the lively group decked from head to toe in Union Jacks and animatedly waving a Union Jack!

Blog » International » JCI_EC_3.jpg

In closing this blog post, I must agree with the guarantee stated on the JCI UK website about JCI Conferences: "once you've been to one, you'll want to go again." The 2012 JCI European Conference was fantastically organised, well-executed, packed with brilliant keynote speakers, workshops, seminars and training sessions, and professionally unparalleled to any other networking event I have previously attended. To add to this, I met some truly amazing Jaycees from all over the UK and Europe.

Blog » International » JCI_EC_4.jpg

See you in Monte Carlo for the 2013 JCI European Conference!


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1st Jul, 2012

A First Timer at European Conference in Braunschweig
by Alekhya Mukherji on July 1, 2012 18:12


When I started my journey to Braunschweig two weeks ago I was not sure what to expect. I had heard many stories and great experiences from others at JCI but nothing really prepares you for the real thing until you actually take part.

Right from the start I met fabulous people. At the airport I met most of the delegation from Cambridge. It was an early start for all of us but we were all buzzing with energy! From the beginning I was impressed with the immaculate organisation of the conference. Everything was catered for - transport, food, drinks etc. Even if you felt you were lost (especially at the beginning) there was always someone from the Conference Organising Committee (COC) staff on hand to help you.

While going through the agenda before the EC I had decided to attend as many training courses possible, sprinkled with a few company visits to keep me busy; and the parties every night J .However, I would recommend any first timer to take part in the "First Timer" event at the start of any conference. It is a great starting point to understand how the conferences are structured and work and also guide you through the important parts of the agenda. It was also a platform to meet other people who are in the same boat and get introduced to Senators who have done it all and are there to help you get the best experience.

The training seminars available were varied and interesting (however dependent on trainer). Being able to learn and share experiences and best practices across Europe was very useful. You get many "aha" moments where you realize that there are other aspects you had not considered and enable you to think more broadly.

And finally the parties and UK delegation - the parties were fabulous. The locations were quirky, free-flow drinks and socializing with great people. A perfect end to each day! However, the highlight at each party was the UK delegation. We showed up in strength, stood out from the crowd and were the loudest and most cheeredJ Further, not to forget the galas and award ceremonies were very special - with one of our own winning the "Most outstanding new member" award.

Looking back it was a fantastic experience and I am really happy I took the opportunity to attend. You can only understand the international aspect and appeal once you attend an event like this. What stand out for me is the perfect organisation, the sponsorships and branding of JCI (something we should target in the UK) and the extraordinary people!

JCI UK delegation, European Conference


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6th Jun, 2012

EC2012 - company visits
by Anke Brandts on June 6, 2012 09:26


Use the EC 2012 possibility to visit one of these exiting companies:

Solvis GmbH & Co. KG (production of thermal collector panels)

Fürstenberg porcelain (production of finest quality porcelain objects)

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg GmbH & Co. KG (system provider for the connection and collision protection of rail vehicles)

Mast-Jägermeister SE (producer of the world famous herbal liquor)

Salzgitter AG (one of Europe’s leading steel and technology groups)

Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG (production and marketing of compact and modular communications systems)

Intel (research and development of microprocessor architecture and design)

Richard Bretschneider GmbH (the fascinating world of premium packaging)

Company Kindergarden “Frechdaxe” of Volkswagen Financial Services AG (the largest company-run childcare service in Germany)

MAN Truck & Bus AG (supplier of trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbo-machinery and special gear units)

DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (research airport)

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (the scientist of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research study the mechanisms involved in infectious diseases and defenses against them)

Heimbs Kaffee GmbH & Co. KG (coffee roastery)

Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH (producer of the most frequently played German-made grand and upright pianos)

Nordzucker AG (sugar producer with 18 production sites and refineries across Europe)

Bühler GmbH (specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing high-grade materials)

Kroschke sign-international GmbH (producer of marking materials and industrial safety materials)

PTB Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (atomic clock)

As for all the other parts of the conference program: it’s for free !

Enter our event management system (EMS) at using your login and password and sign up for the Company Visits now.

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19th May, 2012

Out of the Box – ECM 2012 in Bern
by Sarah Beckwith on May 19, 2012 11:46


At a European Capitals Meeting (ECM) you are always amongst friends. Whether they are friends you have known for five minutes or five years. And this year's event was no exception.

The ECM is an unofficial and informal JCI event, exclusively for those members of chambers in capital cities. It gives participants the chance to experience the culture of a different city, whilst discussing the common issues faced by capitals.

Blog » International » Beautiful Bern.jpg

The Beautiful City of Bern

Participation at an ECM is generally limited to a maximum of 100 people and this, combined with the informal and relaxed atmosphere means it is easy for all participants to really get to know each other and cement friendships. That is why many Jaycees agree it is one of (if not) the best international events and return year after year. I can testify to that, having taken part is four of the past five ECMs.

Blog » International » Bear.jpg                   Blog » International » Dinner in parliament.jpg

You don't expect to find a bear in the city centre!                                   Dinner in Parliament

This year's ECM was in Bern in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. I loved the tour around town by members of JCI Bern proud to show off their home and experiencing Swedish traditions and food (see photos!). We also heard from some Swiss thought-leaders on a variety of subjects from innovation to sustainability and spent the evenings enjoying the local night life. Once again the weekend offered up something truly unique which won't be forgotten easily - how many people can say they've experienced a gala dinner in the Swiss Parliament?!. Thanks to JCI Bern for a special weekend.     

Blog » International » Fondu!.jpgBlog » International » Swiss Traditions.jpg

Swiss Traditions - Music and Cheese Fondu!

Next year's ECM is in Berlin, around the theme of Urban Security. JCI Berlin is one of JCI London's five twins and it will be their 60th anniversary, so it again promises to be a very special ECM. I cannot recommend this event highly enough. Find out more here:


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11th Apr, 2012

European Conference Newsletter 10
by Anke Brandts on April 11, 2012 08:59


Conference fees rises on 14 April!!

On April 14th the conference fee will rise from 299 EUR to 349 EUR. Sign up now and make sure your payment arrives before that date. Save money and get an amazing all-inclusive conference program with a range of highlights.

• Free shuttle service with buses, limousines and public transport

• Food and beverages (daytime, lunch, dinner and evening)

• Four evening events at German Night standard

• Over one hundred different training events, workshops, company visits, and sports activities

• Five days of learning, personal development, discussion, interaction, passion, fun and meeting friends from 50 different countries.

Airport Lounge
The Hanover Airport Lounge is located in Business Terminal A near the Lufthansa check-in area and can be used for free on June 13th and 17th, 2012 by all delegates arriving or departing through Hanover Airport. The fully air conditioned lounge has an overall space of 100 m² and is exclusively furnished. At the reception desk, check-in to the conference can be done in advance on June 13th. Welcome to an exclusive lounge ambiance! 

On both days, the COC will be offering you at least every hour a bus shuttle to and from Braunschweig. Please complete your flight data in the Event Management System to reduce queuing, as soon as available.

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7th Apr, 2012

European Conference 2012-Welcome to Braunschweig
by Anke Brandts on April 7, 2012 07:20


Last chance -book by 13th April before conference fees rises

Don't forget to sign up before April 13th and make sure your payment arrives by that date. This is your last chance to secure your participation in the 2012 JCI European Conference for the regular fee.

For only 299 Euros you will get an amazing all-inclusive conference program with a range of highlights.

• Free participation in the full conference and social program

• Free shuttle service with buses, limousines and public transport

• Food and beverages (daytime, lunch, dinner and evening)

• Four evening events at German Night standard

• Over one hundred different training events, workshops, company visits, social gatherings and sports activities

• Five days of learning, personal development, discussion, interaction, passion, fun and meeting friends from 50 different countries.

• Be there and Enjoy … the 2012 JCI European Conference in Braunschweig!

This second major evening event is hosted by JCI Germany, JCI Switzerland & JCI Austria and takes place in a tram depot. Hot music and specialities from Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be provided. A shuttle service is available.

Alternatively just take the tram from the conference center and go directly into the party. One tram has a DJ on board and goes on a trip around the city center. This industrystyle location is partly roofed and ideal for all weather conditions. Tracks are covered but we recommend flat shoes.

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21st Nov, 2011

My first world congress
by Sarah Beckwith on November 21, 2011 23:00


When I first thought about going to the JCI World Congress, I had only been a member for 6 months and was still finding my way through the JCI maze. Everyone was encouraging me to go but I was in two minds.....Brussels in November? Should I really spend my hard earned leave at a week of workshops when I could be lying on a beach somewhere? Even when I clicked the button confirming my registration I still wasn't sure......until I got there and was thrown headfirst into an exhilarating whirlwind of parties, activities and the friendliest group of people I have ever met in my life.

Blog » International » Mehnaz at WC1.jpgIt all kicked off with the Opening Ceremony which was the first time the global scale of JCI actually hit me. Over 4000 delegates flooded into the Brussels Expo dressed in their national colours madly waving their flags in a mass celebration. There was a brass band and cheerleaders to get us in the mood-everyone just seemed incredibly happy and excited to be there. Each National President was introduced on stage accompanied by a booming soundtrack which kept everyone on their feet and energy levels sky high. When our own Alison Cowell came on the stage, the UK delegation went into a wild frenzy! We couldn't quite beat the huge crowd of Germans who drowned out pretty much everyone else but we certainly beat them hands down on the fashion front with our Union Jack sparkly dresses!

At the end of each day, there would be a huge party followed by after parties for those who had the stamina! The French and Germans outdid themselves at the European night with their revolving dance floor, which went down a storm with the UK delegation! The Netherlands party the following night was a lot of fun as was the Korea party next door. The best party overall was Global Village where we got the chance to sample the national food and drink of lots of different countries. The gin and tonic at the UK stall proved to be a massive success while the French stall was overflowing with bread, cheese and wine. After making a few roundtrips, it felt good to burn off some of those calories on the dance floor!

Blog » International » Mehnaz at WCII.jpgDuring the week there were lots of speakers and training sessions and I tried to attend as many as I could. They covered a wide range of topics from leadership skills to negotiation to how to improve your flirting skills in business! The highlight for me was a talk given by Rees Mann of JCI South Africa who spoke about his life after JCI and how the skills he developed helped him in his career. Despite having no formal business training, he completely transformed a rundown area of Johannesburg helping many young people into employment along the way. Despite all the obstacles he encountered he showed that one person can make a lasting difference to the world around them.

Now that I have been to World Congress, I finally understand what everyone has been raving about. For me, it was all about meeting and making friends with people across continents and cultures. I felt like I had the whole world at my fingertips. The enthusiasm and positivity of everyone around me was so infectious that it inspired me to get out there and change things for the better in my own community. It has also given me some great ideas for my role as 2012 Personal Development and Training Director for London.

Many of the people I met were amazed that I was attending my first World Congress so soon after joining but looking back I'm glad I took the plunge so early on. As with all things JCI related, your experience is what you make it and that manic week in Brussels ended up being the most fantastic experience of the year so far.

By Mehnaz Siddiqui

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15th Nov, 2011

So what happens at a world congress...?
by Sarah Beckwith on November 15, 2011 08:45


So what happens at a world congress?  Well...a lot!

Key note speakers - I attended Rees Mann's talk on ˝The JCI Advantage - Giving You the X-Factor˝, in which he outlined the amazing things he has achieved post-JCI thanks to his experiences as a local and national president and international vice president.  These included transforming a run down area of Johannesburg and setting up a fashion school for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Johan Driessens' talk on ˝the power of enthusiasm˝ has to count among the most unusual, fun and energetic key note speeches I have ever been to - largely because he had us jumping around and playing air guitar!  His tips on how to live with more enthusiasm certainly gave us something practical to put into action!

Competitions - the debating competition included fun and amusing topics such as ˝cats make better pets than dogs˝ and ˝it is better to be single than married˝.  The JCI UK team did a fantastic job and reached the semi-finals, only to be narrowly beaten by JCI Australia.  The final of JCI Scotland vs JCI Australia was an intense debate on ˝the JCI brand is about what we do, not who we say we are˝ and the brilliant team from JCI Scotland emerged victorious. 

The four winners from each of the JCI area conferences also competed in the world public speaking competition on the topic of ˝to stir the world to an ever-lasting peace˝.

Awards Ceremony - we saw local and national chambers around the world rewarded for their outstanding projects, the final address by outgoing World President Kentaro Herarda and the inauguration of 2012 President Bertolt Daems.

JCI London presidents at the JCI World Congress in Brussels 2011

Training sessions - I attended Training Commission Director Patrick Knight's session on Painting with Passion, in which we explored how to use language and stories to communicate our message.  Some participants shared their passions on stage, which included their training business, food and the incredible hulk!  There were many more sessions on a diverse range of topics from social involvement to flirting in business and from advanced negotiation to personal branding.  The JCI official course are also on offer.

General Assembly - where national presidents discuss and vote on important issues for the future of the organisation, such as training and the elected officers for the following year.  All members are welcome to come and watch.

Parties - each night a different country/region hosts a party.  This year we were treated to Belgium night with many types of beer available, European Night in a club with a revolving dancefloor(!) and Global Village where many countries have stands showcasing their national food and drink.

What makes a congress so special is the people that you meet.  There were 4,600 delegates from around the world in Brussels - all there to improve themselves, contribute to the organisation and make friends and have fun.  You never know who you are going to meet.  I caught up with people I hadn't seen in over a year from the COC (Conference Organising Committee) Academy I attended last year, as well as those from our twin chambers, European Academy and people I've met at other international events. 

International twinning lunch hosted by JCI London at the JCI World Congress in Brussels 2011

I also met a lot of new people (the Union Jack sparkly dresses we were wearing helped as everyone wanted a picture!).  We even met the 1978 President of JCI London, Ian Cameron Black, who had lost touch with the chamber in recent times as he does not have a computer. 

It is impossible to do everything and even harder to describe to someone who hasn't been exactly what it is like.  All I can say is that everyone who goes does not come back disappointed.  When discussing highlights with the JCI London council last night, all who had been to World Congress said that it was their highlight of the year.

JCI UK at the World Congress in Belgium 2011


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