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4th Dec, 2015

Congratulations to the 2016 JCI London Council
by Rafael Tselikas on December 4, 2015 21:50


Blog » JCI London Council Team 2016.JPG

Following our Annual General Meeting on 20 October, the following members were appointed to the JCI London Council 2016:

  • President - Rafael Tselikas
  • Deputy President - David Khanna
  • Secretary - Zohasina Razafinjatovo
  • Finance Director - Bandhu Das
  • Membership Director - Immaculate Birungi
  • Business Director - Yann Moulary
  • Marketing Director - Diana Mihai
  • International Director - Sarah Steel
  • Training Director - Roxana Cardos
  • Community Director - Louise Chisolm
  • Social Director - Heloise Mignot
  • Peace Week Director - Marine Klein
  • London to Ghana Director - Anca Miraut
  • Immediate Past President - Soraya Bowen

Matt Beavan has also joined as Deputy Membership Director, Jennifer Mbunga as Deputy Training Director and Ruta Rataviciute as Gala Dinner Project Manager.

Congratulations to all the team!  Taking a leadership position on the JCI London council offers a great opportunity to develop new skills, make long lasting friends, empower members and make a positive difference in the community.

The following Director positions are still available to fill:

  • Social Media Director
  • TEDx Director
  • Million Makers Director
  • Deputy Director positions for most of areas except Training and Membership

If you are interested in a role on the council or in one of the teams, please get in touch with President-Elect, Rafael Tselikas.

 You can also check here our calendar of upcoming events:

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7th Nov, 2012

The end of an era...
by Sarah Beckwith on November 7, 2012 21:29


In one week's time, I will perform my last official duty as a member of the JCI London council, as I give my President's Report about JCI London's year in 2011 at the AGM. After six years on the council during which time I have held five roles (Community Director, Membership Director, Deputy President, President and IPP) this will be somewhat the end of an era for me.

As a member of the JCI London council, I have:

  • Council team » Coucnil 2011.jpgDeveloped my project management, public speaking and leadership skills
  • Learned how to think around problems
  • Been presented with some unique opportunities such as speaking in the House of Lords and attending life-changing academies in Sweden and Austria
  • Worked with some amazing and inspiring people
  • Discovered a love of blogging
  • And met some of my best friends

As an experienced member, I now take most pleasure from JCI in seeing new members join the organisation, discover its limitless opportunities and develop themselves through active involvement in chamber activities. The new members I have seen join JCI London in the past few years have been outstanding and as I step down from the council, I know the chamber is in the safe hands of ambitious, talented and creative young active citizens who will take JCI London to a whole new level.

Council team » Council.jpgAnd of course, just because I will no longer be on the council, doesn't mean I won't still be an active member - I look forward to attending events and joining project teams. The beauty of JCI is that there are always opportunities to get involved. 

I can whole-heartedly recommend a role on the JCI London council to every member wishing to get the most out of their membership. Anyone wanting to find out more or come to the AGM, can find details here.


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18th May, 2012

The Art of Blogging
by Sarah Beckwith on May 18, 2012 20:19


One of the most important elements of a blog post is...

...a catchy title and/or opening sentence! These will pique the reader's interest and make them more likely to click through to read the post.

This is especially important for blogs (and events) on the JCI London website, where it is the title of the blog post and first sentence which appears on the home page.

Top Tip - if the blog is by a guest blogger who won't be posting themselves, put the "by member's name" at the bottom of the post, otherwise this is the only thing seen on the front page of the website. Likewise don't just repeat the title of the post.


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22nd Aug, 2011

Make a difference in 2012 with a role on the JCI London council
by Sarah Beckwith on August 22, 2011 23:57


JCI London council meeting, members discussing JCI's brand. A role on the JCI London council is a great way to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Really get to know the organisation
  • Make lifelong friends in London, the UK and the rest of the world
  • Gain practical experience of being on a board and running an organisation
  • Shape the future of the chamber and JCI

You can find out more about the council positions and our current directors here. This document contains the benefits, roles and responsibilities of each role on the council.

[Note: some members have had difficulty accessing the documents - you may need to save them onto your computer first and then open. Any problems, just email Sarah Beckwith at: to receive the information direct via email. Ed.]

Elections for the 2012 council will take place at the AGM on 10 October. The deadline for nominations is 9pm on Monday 3rd October. For more information, contact Deputy President, Simon Bucknall or any of the JCI London council. To stand for a position, download and fill in this nomination form.

Here's what some of our directors have to say about their experiences on the JCI London council:

˝The experience I've gained and contacts I've made have proven hugely rewarding on a personal level - new skills, fascinating people and opportunities to make things happen in a way that simply wouldn't be possible elsewhere. All of the above has also played a vital role in helping me develop my business outside JCI too.˝
Simon Bucknall
Training Director 2008 & 2009
Business Director & Deputy President 2011

˝For me the best part of being on the council is the people. Members of JCI are very open minded and ambitious and the members on the council are very passionate about making their members' JCI experience a positive one.˝
Nadene Jones
Social Director 2011

˝JCI board meetings provide me with an insight on how best to manage and run my own board if I am put in such a situation in the future.˝
Eyad Hamouieh
Business Director 2010
International Director 2011

˝I really enjoy taking new potential members throuhg the steps of self-discovery. JCI lends the tools and opportunity to really develop your personal potential beyond your expectation. The friends you make are like-minded and keepers. JCI is a truly enjoyable organisation for everyone.˝
Lydia Bartaud-Nel
Membership Director 2011

˝Being a JCI council member has helped me develop leadership and organisational skills hich has helped me in starting my own business. Invaluable skills for entrepreneurs not taught in the classroom!˝
Saket Modi
Deputy Training Director 2009
Training Director 2010 & 2011

˝I have been lucky enough to be on the JCI London council now for nearly five years and I love it! It is so refreshing to work with people from different backgrounds and experiences outside my own profession. Working with them has taught me a lot about myself, teamwork and leadership. As a council member I have acheived things I never even thought I would try. It is so rewarding to contribute to the growth and success of the chamber, as well as helping our members with their own personal development.˝
Sarah Beckwith
Community Director 2007
Membership Director 2008 & 2009
Deputy President 2010
President 2011

JCI London, council meetingJCI London, presidential inauguration 2009 at London Chamber of Commerce

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1st Jan, 2011

Meet the JCI London Council 2011
by Sarah Beckwith on January 1, 2011 17:23


Simon Council team » Simon.jpgBucknall – Deputy President & Business Director

I’ve been a member for just over three years and joined because the opportunities for personal development are outstanding.

It’s also fun to meet with fellow young professionals from so many different backgrounds!
As an entrepreneur, taking on the role of Business Director has huge appeal – to work with a team in building new relationships with companies in arguably the world’s greatest Business Hub. I feel there are huge opportunities to build strong, long-term relationships with businesses large and small across the capital. Outside of JCI, I run a consultancy called The Art Of Connection – helping business leaders to influence and inspire through the spoken word.

Council team » Solveig.jpgSolveig Malvik – Immediate Past President

I’m Solveig and my role on the council is Immediate Past President. That means I will be supporting the current council without taking a too active or leading role. I will be involved in some projects, among them a mentor program with the London Chamber of Commerce as well as setting up MasterMind peer to peer coaching groups. Let me know if this interests you!

In addition to my role as IPP in JCI London I am Marketing Director on the National Board. This means that I will be supporting all the local Presidents and Marketing Directors with their marketing needs and help us as an organisation become more visible and confident with who and what we are.

Callum Waddell – Marketing Director

Council team » Callum.jpgCallum joined JCI London recently, in October 2010; however has been aware of JCI and their activities since living in Scotland at University. “Junior Chamber International is one of the furthest reaching organisations in the world with some of the best opportunities for young people to make a difference in others lives, and change their own for the better.” He says. “Personally, to have the chance to be a part of this group in one of the greatest cities in the world is a great honour.”

Callum studied Marketing and French at University both in the UK and in France, and in his work life he is a Relationship Manager in the Finance Industry (in particular, Prepaid) – working with over 70 client organisations globally. He hopes to use these skills to help JCI London build on its current strengths and create a lasting legacy by looking at things like Relationship Management, Branding, the Website, Online Advertising, Present/Future Collateral, etc.

In his spare time, Callum likes the gym, reading, foreign films and coffee.

“I’m really excited and looking forward to a great year with JCI London and I know that working with a good team, we can do this 110%”

Dimitri Inglezos – Community Director

Council team » Dimitri.jpgI have been a member for 1.5 years now. I originally joined to be part of a team for a new project called Entrepreneurial Academy; I was very much interested in business and wanted to be involved with a project where I get to meet like minded people. Of course my interest since then has widened to other areas such as the International team where I was a deputy director last year. This year I wanted to lead the Community team as I want to bring forth more volunteering opportunities for all of us to help in our local communities. I also believe that in order to help others we must have an equilibrium in our personal lives and especially the triplet of mind, body and soul. Therefore expect many seminars and workshops on these 3 subjects!

I am looking forward to working with the rest of the Community team to help brainstorm and organise all the events we are planning but most importantly to help increase the volunteering spirit amongst our members.

I currently run my own Internet Marketing business helping local businesses with their websites, blogs and social media.

Eyad HamouieCouncil team » Eyad.jpgh – International Director

I have been a member of JCI London for nearly a year and a half during which I have already gained and learnt a lot from JCI.

Due to work loads last year, I was unable to be actively involved in international events as much as I had originally planned. I therefore decided this year to push myself in attending such events by taking on this current role. I am looking forward to meeting JCI members from other chambers and learning and sharing experiences. I am sure a lot of JCI London members share my passion in travel, exploration and a bit of adventure!

I also plan on adding an element of Business to the international team. I plan on running lectures and seminars on how to outsource business to other countries, the cultural differences in running businesses and import and export rules.

My real profession however is a Research and Development Consultant. Coming from an Engineering background and moving into a client facing role required me to invest in my soft skills which I aim to improve as this year goes along through JCI. While doing that, I am sure that I will get to meet many of you whom I already know and other new faces.

Looking forward sharing another great year full of amazing events with you all!

Council team » Lydia.jpgLydia Bartaud-Nel – Membership Director

I discovered and joined JCI in Jun2009 quite by chance. I would like to see that more and more of our young professionals get a chance to make impact quite early on in their career.

I joined the JCI team that started the Entrepreneurial Academy. The Project gave me the confidence and posture to continue personal projects. I have done a public speaking course and will attend Presenter and Trainer to gain professional accreditation in the future. All these courses are so useful in your personal and professional development. I urge everyone wanting to better themselves and their communities to come and see what JCI would offer. We have fun and we offer great friendships globally.

Nadene Jones – Social Director

Council team » Nadene Jones 2010.JPGI’ve been a member of JCI since August 2010. I grew up listening to all the wonderful things my mum had done when she was a member of Jaycees in her younger days so i decided to look up the website one day and was just so inspirited by it that i joined then and there.

My vision for this role is to bring like-minded people together, as the JCI vision says by not just by creating and running social events independent of the monthly Networking evenings and annual dinners, but also interweaving the events with other JCI areas in London and even national, for example working with the Marketing team to run some fun and exciting events to bring in new members, or working with the Community team to run events to get everyone involved….life should be fun and helping others is what we’re here to do.

I’m most looking forward to the experience of working with such motivated people who will take action to make a difference to themselves and people around them.

With being an IT Project Manager, my roles involve a lot of people management, so bring people together is an important skill and i hope i practice how to do that in a more creative way by being Social Director of JCI London 2011.

Council team » Saket.jpgSaket Modi – Training Director

Saket Modi is the Training Director of JCI London. In this role, his objective is to provide opportunities to JCI members to develop their communication and leadership skills for professional growth. He has been a member of JCI London for three years.

Saket is a Chartered Accountant and runs his own financial training and consulting business ( He conducts training in financial reporting, especially International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for global banks, accounting and law firms. He is actively involved in providing training in UK, India and Sri Lanka. Within JCI, he conducts training on “Finance for non-finance managers” and “Debating”.

Saket has a keen interest in UK India business relationships and is a member of the Next Generation Network of UK India Business Council.

Council team » triin pilt.jpg
Triin Paavel – Strategic Partnership

I am graduating from King’s College London and starting a role at Deloitte this January. I have been a member of JCI since September 2010 and I joined JCI because I thought it would be a great way to develop my professional skills and meet inspirational people. I figured that becoming a Director of Strategic Partnerships would allow me to make the most of what JCI has to offer and become more engaged with the organization. Joining JCI has already created more opportunities for me and I am looking forward to bringing JCI to more people in 2011.


Council team » Raani.jpgRaani Virdee – Honorary Secretary

I had originally joined JCI London in May 2010 because my father had been a member and had always said they were some of the best days of his young professional life, I was also new to the city and thought it would be a great way to meet new people.

Having attended the leadership weekend in autumn I found I got so much out of those two days that I wanted to get more actively involved in the council activities. The role of Honorary Secretary appealed to me as it is a flexible role that touches base with all the teams and also provides a central point for monitoring their progress at meetings.

I’m currently working as Chartered Accountant in the City which could help the chamber and its teams in maintaining budgets if needed and in return I think the sky’s the limit with how JCI will help me in my career!

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and working with a great team!

Council team » 4384605852_c18c884921_m.jpgDora Bodo – Finance Director

I joined a 1.5 years ago driven by the purpose of meeting ambitious, inspiring people and to extend my network in London. However after getting to know the organisation better it became clear that JCI London has a lot more to offer.

Finance is an area that is useful whatever one`s profession is – learning how to deal with the numbers and running a budget are valuable set of skills everywhere. I`ve always wanted to gain deeper experience in this field although (or maybe because) it used to scare me. On the other hand, it is an area that currently falls far from my real job but I`m convinced in the long-term this experience will be prove to be beneficial.

JCI London is definitely on a roll now – I`m hoping to see it growing, being taken to a new level. I am also curious what flavour and atmosphere the new council will give the chamber.

I recently started a new job as an IT Consultant and at the final interview of the recruitment process I was asked more questions about JCI than my previous professional experience so I`m convinced that`s when JCI helped me first. The debating and public speaking courses highly contributed to my confidence when it comes to speaking in front of others but apart from these tangible benefits there are a lot of other ways how JCI helped me growing such as networking with people from diverse background and having stimulating conversations.

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