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18th Jan, 2017

by Ruthie Pinion on January 18, 2017 14:41


JCI London kicked off it’s 2017 programme in true style to a packed room in Central London. It was a night full of networking, socialising and opportunities; and for anyone who might have missed it, I’ll be summing it up here for you!

Blog » Social » 20170117_182323.jpg

Membership Director Godfrey opened the evening by welcoming our guests and members. With over 50 people, new members and old, it was a fantastic representation of our JCI family. He was followed by Secretary Dexter, who gave a rousing speech on the inclusivity of JCI London. We have such a wide range of nationalities and languages represented within our Chamber, mirroring the composition of London itself. Dex highlighted the incredible amount of opportunities available as a member: drawing off of his personal experiences at European Academy, as well as mentioning all the team member positions available to work with any of our Directors (I’ll get to that in a second). Dexter closed his section in classic fashion: reminding us all to “Seize The Day”, and about the importance of having not just our big goals, but our day to day ones as well.

Up next: Training Director Blanka, outlining our development programme for the year. The focus? Bringing the best we possibly can out of YOU! The training schedule will be starting on the 24th of January, with a fantastic Goal Setting event from Simon Ong (who we were so pleased to see at the Kick Off!). Tickets are still available for this training. If you want to get more involved in the training team, Blanka is always happy to welcome new members to her team: you'll get expereince building and executing her programme. Get in touch with her to find out more!

Communities Director Adeline’s big project for the year was announced next. Adeline has spent a lot of time working out her project: Organised around 3 Chapters, Challenge! will highlight the initiatives and positive changes which can inspire others all along the year:

1. the resolution - Take care of yourself ( eating healthy, stop smoking, stop drinking…)

2. the summer- Take care of your environment  (nature, sport, recycling…)

3. the winter - Take care of the people (homelessness, education, charity shops…)

Each chapter will close with an event, and will be an incredibly inspiring project for all involved. Look out for more details as they’re announced in the coming weeks. Again, Adeline has a lot of opportunities for involvement: be in as a part of her communities team, as part of her project team, or as a participant.

Our returning International Director, Katie, then revealed this year’s international plan. There are two main themes for the year. The first is Discover London: which will be kicked off with the Cultural Evening on the 8th of Feb. This theme is all about finding out about the languages and cultures on our doorstep as part of our global city. The second is Discover the World: getting JCI London members to international events. Keep an eye out for information about European Conference and World Congress, and as always, get in touch with Katie if you want to be part of her team!

In our final talk from the areas of opportunity, Business Director Davit emphasised that the business team’s plan for the year is all about developing skill sets! We have a series of exclusive talks already lined up, with the Dr Demartini lecture on the 21st and our soon to be announced Marketing event. As ever, you can talk to Davit about joining his team!

A key part of the JCI London programme is its special projects. One of our TEDx Directors, Maud, announced this year’s theme: “The School of Tomorrow”! Tickets JUST WENT ON SALE (about 12 hours ago in fact), so get yours for TEDx SquareMile on the 18th of March. Rafael presented the Peace wek project, running for moe than 4 years now. There is a great opportunity for a DIrector, Deputy Director and Team to lead Peace Week 2017, so if you are interested please message one of the directors.

The evening was closed by President David, with a touching personal account of his JCI London story. After denying that we’re a cult (I mean, we’re probably not....maybe?), David went on to remind our guests about all of the events and opportunities to develop skills and get involved in teams (each one of our directors is recruiting!). Most importantly, he announced our theme for the year: We Are London. Feel free to reach us with #wearelondon or #weareleaders and hopefully, we’ll see some of you soon: at our Thirsty Thursday on the 26th, or our Gala Dinner on the 24th Feb

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Oh yeah, then we took a selfie. I’m really sorry about that.

Marketing Director, Out.



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2nd Jan, 2017

New Years Resolutions
by Ruthie Pinion on January 2, 2017 13:41



It's that time of year again. It that time of year when we commit ourselves to making a change. For some people, they might want to lose a bit of weight. Others might want to exercise more. For others, it might be as simple as finishing that book they started 5 months know the one: you read about 50 pages before Stranger Things started and you got hooked into a Netflix binge.....or was that just me?

For the JCI London 2017 council, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to make our own resolutions: what we want to get out of our JCI experience this year.

Blog » Members » Blanka res.JPG

BLANKA (Training Director): In keeping with my role as the "Training Fairy" this year, I mostly just want to be able to bring out the best in others. More than this, I really want to bring out the best in myself. Even if I just bring out the best in one person I'll be really proud, and I'm definitely in a good position to do so with all of the training events I have planned! JCI is the best place to push yourself and really be the best "you" that you can, and I think that with my plan for the year our members will really get the chance to step out of their comfort zones. The first event is all about goal setting, and you can get your tickets HERE!


Blog » Members » Adeline res.JPG

ADELINE(Communities Director): This year, I'm setting out with an incredibly ambitious and exciting project, which I can't wait to get started on in February. In short, its a three stage initiative: first, make a resolution to take care fo yourself, then the environment and, and finally the people in your environment.  My resolution is to make the most of this project and actually help people to make those small changes in themselves and their communities to create a much bigger impact, which is what this is all about. If anyone wants to help out with this project, whether it's to get involved in the team or just to make a resolution, just contact me on Facebook or whatsapp and I'll let you know more!



Blog » Members » Ruthie res.JPG

RUTHIE (Marketing Director):I really want to get to more international events this year, and I'd love to get to both European and World Congress this year. To make it a more achievable resolution however, I think I'll just say I want to get to one international event. If I get to more, then that will just be a bonus! On a much more boring note, I also want to stick to my marketing plan as much as humanly possible. If I can nail it, then I will be one happy Jaycee. One of my plans is to get more members involved in writing about their experiences, so if you come to one of our events and feel like writing a blog post about it, come and let me know!



So, these are just a few of our resolutions, but one thing is clear: we want to make this year our best JCI year yet. Be it though personal development, helping others, working in the community, or grabbing some more awards; everyone has a plan for this year. Let us know yours through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or commenting on this post. Just search JCI London and you'll be sure to find us. Most importantly: here's to an incredible New Year, from our JCI family to yours.
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31st Dec, 2016

Highlights of 2016 and getting ready for 2017!
by Rafael Tselikas on December 31, 2016 17:57


Dear JCI Members and Friends,

The year 2016 is getting to an end and we are all preparing to celebrate the arrival of 2017!

I would first like to thank the Council Team 2016 for the great efforts and commitment they put in making this year a success! Thank you also to the National Board and Senators for their continuous support along the way! You all were instrumental in making JCI London living the JCI mission of “Providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change”.

The Council Team 2017 is getting ready to bring JCI London to the next level under the leadership of President 2017, David Khanna.

As the year is ending, I would like to share with you some of the 2016 highlights. Those achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the building blocks set by Team 2015 and previous years.

Some of the 2016 key highlights:

·         Hosting more than 70 local events covering all areas of opportunity.

·         We have send 300 kids’ books to a Kids’ library in Ghana and have fundraised over £1,000 to purchase computers and send them to Ghana in early 2017.

·         Initiating a project for the Refugees that included volunteering in Calais for a weekend as well as sending over kid’s books for refugees’ children’s in France.

·         JCI London reaching over 4,800 likes on the Facebook fan page and over 3,600 followers to the Twitter account.

·         Organising an exciting and well attended series of training events under the theme of ‘Jet Set your Career’

·         JCI London being well represented internationally, attending among other the European Conference in Finland, European Academy in Sweden, Global Partnership Summit in New York, Know How Transfer in Brussels, World Congress in Canada.

·         Organising an inspiring London Peace Conference, within the context of the JCI Global Peace is Possible initiative.

·         Strengthening our existing partnerships and developing a new partnership with the London School of Business and Finance.

·         Running an annual Gala Dinner with guests from across the world and a Summerfest with regional guests.

·         Having entrants in the JCI UK National Public Speaking, Debating and Extempore competitions.

·         Being awarded eight National Awards at JCI UK National Convention and one award at JCI European Convention in Finland.

Do you want to get involved, develop new skills, build your network and make a positive difference in 2017? Join us at the Kick Off on January 17th:

Happy New Year to All!



JCI London President 2016

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5th Nov, 2016

JCI UK Member of the Month - Marine Klein (JCI London)
by Rafael Tselikas on November 5, 2016 14:22


Member of the month for September goes to Marine Klein of JCI London, who is the project lead for the London Peace Week project.Blog » meet the members » Marine.jpg

Marine has led an enthusiastic team over the course of the year, who have built on the success of this long-term project of the chamber, embracing the international JCI campaign of Peace Is Possible.  In March she presented the project to JCI World President Paschal Dike and engaged him to support the project by recording a video asking other members around the world to support the project.  Activities throughout the year included a Peace Pub Quiz, social media activities encouraging members around the world to commit to the Peace Is Possible Campaign and a free hugs event on World Peace Day in Trafalgar Square.  The Peace Conference held on 20 September featured ten speakers including academics who research peace, a former diplomat and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.  The conference was attended by over 90 people.

Rafael Tselikas, JCI London President and initiator of the London Peace Project in 2013 had this to say:

"Marine, Oli and the peace week team have done an outstanding job this year. They managed to organise an excellent peace conference which was sold out. This was JCI London Peace Conference 4th edition and the best of all 4. We are very proud of them and the work they have done in raising awareness about peace and the SDG 16".

Blog » meet the members » London Peace Conference - Sept 2016.jpg

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4th Sep, 2016

At the end of July, I was fortunate enough to attend the JCI European Academy (EA) which is a unique leadership training programme hosted by JCI Goteborg for Jaycees aspiring to leadership positions in their chamber or beyond.

Apart from knowing that I wanted to develop my leadership skills and network, I didn’t know what to expect from the Academy. I’m a relative new Jaycee – I joined in December last year and due to circumstance I ended up becoming London International Director in May (which goes to show that you don’t have to be a long-term member to get involved!). EA was also my first international JCI event. So before I set off for Sweden, I spoke to a couple of London Jaycees who had attended in previous years. They both told me two things: (1) “It’s a once it a lifetime experience, you’ll have a fantastic time” and (2) “make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you head off!”. I couldn’t sum it up better!

Blog » Katiepic1.jpg

The Academy is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The training and trainers are great, and I left pumped with enthusiasm, inspiration and ideas not only for my JCI work but for my career and personal life as well. I also made friends for life rather than just an expanded network – I mean the type of friends that even after long periods without contact the fondness remains. The sense of community, as cheesy as it sounds, is inspirational and is a great reminder of the impact JCI has in creating positive change.

Blog » Katiepic3.jpg

However, what I got out of EA most is greater self-awareness and confidence. I have a better understanding of my strengths, weaknesses and preferences, and how to use them to create positive change at JCI, at work and at home. I can also better recognise these qualities in others. This in turn has made me a more decisive and assured person. I feel ready to tackle new challenges outside of my comfort zone which I was ‘umming and ahhing’ about before.

I would recommend EA to anyone looking not only for great training but personal challenge as well. It is an intense programme, an emotional rollercoaster at times, and an open mind is a must. But like all good things, you get out what you put in. So throw yourself in wholeheartedly, you will not regret it!

Blog » Katiepic2.jpg

Written by Katie Dash, JCI London International Director 2016



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30th Aug, 2016

What an experience - JCI European Academy 2016
by Rafael Tselikas on August 30, 2016 23:27


Blog » EA1.jpg

As a Jaycee, you may be familiar with a lot of interesting international and training events. This year I have been fortunate to join a few distinctive events, and European Academy is a highlight of the year for me. The Academy is for Jaycees who’re planning to be involved in the leadership team of their local chapters. And I have to say “The Academy is amazing!”

Imaging yourself going to a far way land (in the middle of nowhere). You don't know what would happen. You’re surrounded by a lot of strangers from different nationalities. However, everything changes after 4 days. You make friends with Jaycees from all around Europe. You go through a lot together with your friends, including happy and challenging times. You all grow as better individuals!

Blog » EA2.jpg

As Anais Nin said, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born”. My world has been extended since the Academy! I’ve learnt so much from it. I learnt about myself, about others and how to work with them as a team. I start to look at things from different perspectives. Even now, when I’m back to my normal life, I still can recall great lessons from the Academy.

For me, the Academy played as an important bridge connecting us together. I know more about other chapters and their great works which contributes to building a better society. It makes me believing more in our organization. We’re actually making a difference. You can watch the below showing an example about the positive impact JCI creates.

Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. I believe that we’re born to make something in this world. As an individual, it may be like a drop into the ocean. However, with JCI we can make it happen. If you ever wonder why we’re doing what we’ve been doing, the below video should remind you about it J. By making a difference with JCI, we receive happiness, we feel the love, and friendship which money can’t buy! Be a proud Jaycee everyone!

Link to pictures

Written by Trang Tran, JCI London Strategic Partnerships Director 2016

Blog » EA3.jpg

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30th Apr, 2016

Young Leaders in UK (YLUK) on U.S foreign & Domestic policy
by Tantely Zohasina RAZAFINJATOVO on April 30, 2016 22:46


Blog » Business » ULUK- EPi 1.jpgLast week I was invited by Ambassador Barzun to attend the Town Hall Speech and Q&A with President Obama together with 500 other young Leaders. Due to reasons beyond my control, I could not attend, however this week I was part of an interactive workshop he held for Young Leaders in UK (YLUK) focusing on U.S foreign & Domestic policy. 

What an enlightening workshop! In the short space of time we had, the Ambassador covered condensed versions of topics of frustration/concern/confusion including:

Police brutality, Impact of Religion: Abortion debate; Private healthcare in US; Middle East policy; Oppression of minority groups; Global health; North Carolina policy on LGBT; The role of Media on racism & inclusivity (Donald Trump); Gun laws; & Climate change. 

He also highlighted the values, freedom & opportunities that are all part of the American dream, as we were focusing on America.

YLUK shares the same principles and values as JCI, giving young people a voice that empowers them to create positive change in communities. 

I am making the most out of development opportunities in JCI by actively participating in events held by partner organisations such as YLUK and exchanging value with them through promoting and supporting each other's events.

Without JCI and its relationship with YLUK, I would not have had the opportunity to be invited to meet President Obama and also network with Ambassador Barzun and all the wonderful like-minded young Leaders. JCI is surely a game-changer for me and I would like to encourage any young person reading this, to be part of this awesome global network of active citizens.

Epi Mabika, JCI London Team Member-- 

Blog » Business » ULUK 2.jpg   Blog » Business » ULUK 3.jpg

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9th Apr, 2016

The challenge continues...
by Rafael Tselikas on April 9, 2016 21:39


Blog » Brighten your corner.jpg

As a JCI London2Ghana project director this year I am really excited to have with me an amazing team and really great people that are happy to help to create a positive impact education by delivering computers for pupils in Ghana. 

For us having a computer is something so normal as we can't imagine life without it, but for a kid in Ghana that means access to knowledge and education in a well connected world, and means making possible his dream to become a doctor, a journalist, a teacher. 

London2Ghana JCI team is working hard to deliver interesting events that help us to raise money for kids education. Get a new skill and do good! is the motto of our first series of events. 

Our previous event that has been a real success last week with amazing feedback from our participants is How to start your own business while still working organized in collaboration with our friends from SkillsGym.

The next event is already scheduled  on 4th May : The authentic you! How to keep your authenticity while telling your story. Ingrid who is the founder of Women With Voices will teach us how to become confident in public speaking and be authentic.

"I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier."  Oprah Winfrey

If you are keen to develop a new skill in public speaking and also help us to fulfill a kid's dream to become a doctor, you can book your ticket here  and join us on 4th May. 

Blog » Community » The authentic you.jpg

Post by JCI London2Ghana Director 2016, Anca Miraut

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15th Feb, 2016

JCI London at UN Secretary General event
by Rafael Tselikas on February 15, 2016 20:00




The visit by UNSG was a landmark occasion, to celebrate the appointment of the first Secretary General, 70 years ago at the Central Hall Westminster. 6 JCI London delegates attended together with over 2,000 people according to UNA-UK statistics on 5th Feb 2016.

In his opening remarks, HE Ban Ki-moon expressed his appreciation for the solidarity shown by heads of state the previous day, in pledging monetary contributions to help Syria. He commended the championing efforts of the United Kingdom in that regards. In Preventing extremism and promoting human rights, he said 'the UN was responsible for raising over 10 billion dollars for Syria in one day’! This is the triumph of multilateralism. In JCI language, this is real 'service to humanity' where we can join forces with them in helping to create a safer world with projects that include assisting refugees to integrate into society.

He also highlighted that the Sustainable Development Goals will take us further in the Agenda for interdependency, and encouraged that 'All goals must be interconnected & implemented comprehensively'. 
I believe JCI as an organisation, can certainly adopt these strategies towards global positive contribution by continuously aligning our various community projects with the SDG's to make greater global impact. 

Amongst other topics discussed, the issue of 'Women empowerment' was at the forefront, with the UNSG proposing that we should be more 'proactive than reactive' when it comes to the rights of women and girls in order to promote social progress & gender equality. Again, a good challenge for us to consider and do our part. In addition to this, an interactive session moderated by UNA-UK's Chairman, Sir Jeremy Greenstock addressed questions raised about what young people can do.

 As young people being the hope of a better world, we were advised to raise our voice because we have unlimited capacity without any political restraints and we need to expand our global citizenship. I was pleased to see that JCI is certainly ticking the boxes in making our impact felt and our voices heard. We will continue!

Overall an enriching experience that we were honoured to have been part of & had the opportunity to network with potential JCI partner organisations.




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1st Jan, 2016

Message from Soraya, JCI London President 2015
by Rafael Tselikas on January 1, 2016 20:40


Dear Friends,

It's amazing how a year can fly by and we are now finally in 2016!! Whoop Whoop!

The reigns have been officially handed over to Rafael Tselikas and his team.

I know that next year will be an 'extraordinary' one building on what we have achieved in 2015.  It has been an honour to serve as President in 2015 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 'A-Team' (JCI London) council team for great year and memorable 12 months.  

A few highlights from 2015:

·         Building strategic partnerships with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Philanthropy Club, Funding Network, while continuing to support our long-term sponsor CET

·         Maintaining strong international presence. Last year JCI London members attended European Capitals Meeting, European Conference, JCI Norway Leadership Academy, European Academy, European Know-How Transfer and World Congress in Japan.

·         We re-invigorated our partnership with our Twin Chapters and hosted our Twinning Weekend.

·         We launched our Adventure Race and raised £1,243.75 (incl. gift aid) for Kids Club Kampala, KIIDs Trust Varanasi and The Prince’s Trust!

·         Our London to Ghana Project delivered 1,000 kids’ books for JCI ACCRA ROYALE 'Brighten you Corner project. We also won 'Best Long-term Community Development Project' at JCI UK National Convention in Barnsley.

The Team for 2016 has lot's in store and will exceed what has been achieved in 2015!

Soraya Bowen

JCI London IPP 2016



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