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9th May, 2013

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 2013 JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award

JCI (Junior Chamber International) London proudly presents the winners of the "2013 JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award" (TOYP). This award is a prestigious local and international awards to recognise outstanding young professionals who excel and create positive change in their chosen fields.

Please join us at the award ceremony Tuesday 21st May, 6:45pm at the London Chamber of Commerce, 33 Queen Street, EC4R 1AP, you will have the chance to meet the winners and listen to their stories. The event is open to both JCI members and guests. We have limited seats for the award ceremony, hence book the ticket NOW to reserve your place.

JCI London honours ten outstanding young people this year, and they may have the opportunity to represent JCI UK in the world TOYP final in Rio, Brazil in November. These winners exemplify the spirit of the JCI mission and provide extraordinary service to the Greater London community.  

The winners come from a variety of backgrounds and they are between 18 to 40 years old. They have all been nominated in one of the ten categories: business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment; political, legal, and/or governmental affairs; culture achievements; academic leadership; moral and/or environmental leadership; human rights and/or voluntary leadership; moral and/or environmental leadership; scientific and/or technological development; personal improvement and/or accomplishment and medical innovation. 

The JCI London TOYP winners in 2013 are: 

TOYP2013 » John Loughton.jpg

John Loughton - Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs

Read more about John




TOYP2013 » Tia Kansara.jpgTia Kansara, Moral and/or environmental leadership 

Read more about Tia 



TOYP2013 » Robyn Scott.jpg

Robyn Scott - Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership

Read more about Robyn





TOYP2013 » Zoe Cunningham .jpg

Zoe Cunningham - Personal improvement and/or accomplishment

Read more about Zoe


TOYP2013 » James Eder.jpg

James Eder - Academic leadership and/or accomplishment

Read more about James



TOYP2013 » Mavis Amankwah.JPGMavis Amankwah, Business, Economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

Read more about Mavis






TOYP2013 » Lee Denny.JPG

Lee Denny, Culture achievements

Read more about Lee


TOYP2013 » Junior Ogunyemi.png

Junior Ogunyemi, Business, Economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

Read more about Junior





TOYP2013 » Tunde Okewale.jpgTunde Okewale - Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs

Read more about Tunde







TOYP2013 » Krishna Gandhi .jpg

Krishna Gandhi - Scientific and/or technological development

Read more about Krishna





For more information and contact:

JCI London TOYP project coordinators:

Trang Tran -;

Michela Pascucci -

Adriana Albarracin Pineda -

Read more about JCI London TOYP 



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17th Aug, 2012

Written by Trang Tran

“People don’t do business with companies. People do business with people. Here is why―and how—to become a Social Business” (IBM, 2012). It immediate captured my interest as soon as I knew about Social Business event hosted by IBM and JCI London in June 2012. Since IBM is one of the successful global organizations I admire, I really looked forward to the event itself.

 Attending the event, I had a great chance listening and talking to thought leaders at IBM about Social Business, knowing more insights about social business and innovation from a large organization’s perspective.

To start the event, Justin Ablett – Associate Partner explained about IBM Social Business. I was amazed to know that IBM has been moving itself well beyond social media to create an innovative platform of collaboration and lead generation which is known Social Business. In short, a social business isn’t simply just about Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page. “A social business is one that embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community throughout its organization—both internally and externally” (IBM, 2012)

Then it was explained in detail about the components of social business and how IBM effectively uses this solution to support their clients to achieve the KPIs. Moreover, we also got some valuable advices on how to build a personal eminence on social media via the most popular platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Events » Business events » IBM.png

3 interesting facts I had learned about IBM at the event:

1.      According to IBM, three outstanding characteristics of a social business are Engaged, Transparent and Nimble

2.      IBM not only trains its employees to become digital citizens, it has its own personal dashboard to help them to communicate and see the impact of their online interactions.

3.      IBM Solutions provide tennis players, spectators and people worldwide with a richer experience, seeing scores, statistic and analysis of matches via IBM Slam Tracker

You can have a look at the IBM Social Business presentation here:

A huge thank you goes to Ricky Kothari, JCI London Business Director, Justin Ablett – IBM Associate Partner, Todd Abramson – IBM Strategy and Transformation Consultant and Alison Foley – IBM Business Strategy Consultant.


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23rd May, 2012

Business Magic Series - 2: Grown-ups don't use powerpoint...
by Simon James Bucknall on May 23, 2012 10:47


The 2012 JCI London 'Business Magic Series' is proving to be a real hit - with another strong turn-out for the second event in the series: "'Grown-ups don't use powerpoint..." delivered by Lee Warren and James Harwood from InvisibleAdvantage.


James and Lee shared a wealth of practical tips and insights to help audience members achieve more impactful presentations in the workplace. What struck me - both from enjoying the session and from chatting with our speakers afterwards - was the importance of getting the fundamental purpose of any presentation clear. Lee commented: "So many presenters assume that improvement is about tweaking eye contact or perhaps speaking a bit louder. But it's more about deciding what you really want the audience to do as a result."


All in, a fabulous evening - huge, huge value for all those who attended. I had a quick catch up with Lee immediately afterwards, which you can view in the clickable video link above! you can also see what a couple of audience members thought of the event below...

The third event in the 'Business Magic Series' will be 'Practical Productivity in 15 Minutes A Day' on Tuesday 26th June. Be there!

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26th Apr, 2012

World leading expert on persuasion, member of the magic circle and writer for the Royal Opera House: Lee Warren, one half of Invisible Training with James Harwood, taught us how to persuade anyone to do anything.

Events » Business events » IMG00057-20120424-1903.jpg

Well, by his own admission he could not expect the sharp-witted JCI audience to believe that. Instead, he delivered an evening of applicable, real-world techniques through entertaining anecdotes, relevant tips, a memorable ‘ham pie’ acronym and the occasional magic trick.

Events » Business events » IMG00058-20120424-1951.jpg

Before you move on from reading the rest of this blog entry, just do one thing for me – think of a time when you just could not get what you wanted. Think of the different strategies you employed, the people you approached and the mental effort in attempting to get your result.

What went wrong? It can seem such a psychological and political minefield. At this event I learnt that the ways and means of persuasion are, far from being manipulative or brain-washing, so simple that they really could lay claim to having some magical quality.

Afterwards I heard comments amongst the audience like ‘wasn’t that useful’, ‘some great tips’ and ‘I can apply this immediately’ – as could you. Invisible training will be presenting No. 2 in the Business Magic Series on the 22nd May. JCI will benefit from another attendee and you will undoubtedly be left with the same unforgettable impression that this event left with me.

Have I persuaded you?

Anyone who attended the session will recognise the four steps that Lee sprinkled into our minds – I’m credible; I’m fallible; work with me on this; a mutually beneficial outcome.

He convinced us of his authority and the rarity of his pearls of wisdom; he told us the weakness of his strategies just before their compelling strengths; he engaged that little bit of commitment from us by offering the session reading in return for our email addresses: the dark art of persuasion or practical steps? Either way it certainly worked on me.

Events » Business events » IMG00061-20120424-2014.jpg

Maybe in a few days the thrill of new learning will fade and the key points forgotten, but the fact remains: what better session to attend than one where it is so enjoyable to be persuaded.

See you at the next Business Magic event.

Written by Julianne Ezra (Guest Attendee)


Gripping scene of tension, engrossed in the art of persuasion.

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15th Apr, 2012

How to manage conflict at workplace
by Alekhya Mukherji on April 15, 2012 14:43



It is a fact of life that most people in their working lives have had to face some kind of conflict situation. It is also a fact that most of us don't know how to deal with these situations and try to avoid it as much as possible.

The conflict resolution workshop with Jai and Louise from Lambeth Mediation Center highlighted that not only is it costly for businesses but also stressful on a personal level to deal with conflicts. But on a positive note it can be a key skill in the workplace that can enhance your career!

We engaged in many practical exercises understanding how people have differences in perception or have different work manners (organized vs spontaneous) that can lead to underlying conflict situations. We also discussed how it is difficult for managers in a work environment to be impartial and sometimes it may be better to bring in a mediator to resolve conflicts more efficiently. Overall a great experience to be more aware of conflict situations and learning about the right skills to face these situations head-on.


Events » Business events » Conflict Management photo2.jpg  Events » Business events » Conflict Management photo1.jpg


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29th Mar, 2012

A Guide to the Disruptive Business World
by Ricky Kothari on March 29, 2012 13:39


On Wednesday, March 21, Darren Fell founder of gave an insightful presentation to JCI members on a "Guide to the Disruptive Business World".

Events » Business events » 120222 Darren Fell pen pic 3.jpg

Darren's first company Pure 360 an email marketing firm which he sold for 8 million dollars succeeded in disrupting  online marketing.  However, it was his newest venture,  an E-business that is hoping to disrupt the traditional accountancy model that his presentation focused on. It even has one of the founders of eBay and Skype as an investor!

Darren  provided  JCI members with a great account of the trials, tribulations and barriers to entry I might face when starting up my own company. From evil accountants trying to smear his name to the overwhelming need for it to succeed, especially when a lot of his own money was riding on it.

It was a delightful,inspirational and thought provoking evening tracking Darren's journey, and his expansion into disrupting the accountancy profession.  He even came down afterwards for a drink at the pub... You can't get much better than that!

Blog » The crunch effect v2.jpg

Blog written by James Schirn (JCI London Member)


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25th Mar, 2012

The Fold – Entrepreneurship and Professional Fashion
by Alekhya Mukherji on March 25, 2012 19:04


As a member of the JCI business team, I had the great pleasure and opportunity to invite Polly McMaster from The Fold to JCI for a unique event. It was an evening all about business fashion!

Events » Business events » The Fold evening_Polly.jpg Polly has a diverse background working in various roles in the “City” before going on to do a MBA where she co-founded The Fold which specialises in business fashion for women. It was a great opportunity to listen to Polly’s story of starting her own business and the challenges she faced with no experience in the fashion industry and how she got to where she is today.

We had a very interactive session with lots of questions from the group around Polly’s experiences. I was particularly positive about the honest and frank responses from Polly  on her motivation to start a fashion business to the challenges she faced. We all left the session with lots of practical tips and suggestions on what to look out for when opening your own business (not just in the world of fashion).

Polly went on to provide some very interesting insights into the importance of dressing for work and how this can have a direct impact on how your managers and colleagues perceive you at work and ultimately how it can impact your future career.

Events » Business events » The Fold evening_browsing.jpg

The fun (especially for the ladies) started after this informative session. Everybody had the unique opportunity to browse and try on the latest collection of The Fold in a very relaxed atmosphere and maybe even negotiate a bargain. Something you won’t get in regular shops!


All in all it was a great insightful evening for all, even for the few men in the room. Some fantastic gift ideas for partners and friends as well!   


For more information on The Fold –

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5th Mar, 2012

Happiness! Does being intelligent make it harder to find happiness? Blog by Trang Tran (JCI London member)

Events » Business events » andrew stead.jpg

I used to think that happiness is just simply each person’s state of mind. It is your choice to be happy in your life or not. But an evening with Andrew Stead, CEO/Founder of Vibrant Energy and Perfect Happiness Org, has broadened my mind about happiness. Andrew Stead was our special guest at the recent JCI business event. And he proved to be an excellent choice with his insights in corporate world – Banking with Goldman Sachs to Entrepreneurship with a start-up and now the development of Happiness in the workplace. 

He started with an interactive session on meditation, helping us to relax our minds and bodies after a long working day. I personally could feel the differences after following his instruction. From there, we moved on to his interesting journey on finding the ideas on happiness at workplace.

Thanks to his wide experience and many interactive questions, he drew a bigger picture on causes and consequences of happiness, relating to individual, society, economic, etc. He is truly a very insightful and entertaining speaker, giving us further food for thought around finding happiness at our workplace and personal lives.

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18th Jan, 2012

JCI invited Spidergap® entrepreneurs Alexis Kingsbury and Paddy Mann to present and discuss their lessons learned at a recent evening event attended by over 40 JCI London members and guests. Attendees have said that this was a highly informative and inspirational talk, covering the presenters’ experiences from deciding to set up through to their exciting current activities - tweaking the solution and model to turn a great idea into a great money-making business.

Alexis and Paddy are the creators and owners of Spidergap® - an easy to use online tool for gap analysis (gap analysis works by comparing two views - for example 'where we are at' and 'where we want to be; the results allow you to prioritise actions and measure improvement). They also run a management consultancy as a way of funding their goal of creating scalable products (such as Spidergap) that will support their shared vision of a better quality of life.


Events » Business events » Picture1.png

Paddy and Alex presenting some of their lessons learned from starting an online business. You can watch a video with highlights from the first 20 minutes.

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26th Dec, 2011

Going Underground...
by Sarah Beckwith on December 26, 2011 22:28


The last JCI London business visit of the year took a group of dedicated members to a West London Underground depot on a freezing December Friday morning at 8.30am, but boy was it worth it.   Living in West London, I had no idea that there was a huge manufacturing facility just 15 minutes walk from my house.

Blog » Business » LU1.jpgThe work the team do there is simply incredible.  When an ˝emergency˝ occurs somewhere on the network, i.e. something that could cause major delays or line closure, the team at the depot can manufacture a replacement part in just 12 hours, something that would take a commercial company 12 weeks.  The team deals with on average three such emergencies every week!

From the smallest sign to the largest rail junction, they are all manufactured on site.  There were machines for all types of processes (some invented and built on site!) and the skills of the workers there were obviously varied and complex.

Everyone on the tour was left gobsmacked by the fascinating facts about and enormity of the task of taking care of London's tube system.  For example did you know...?

  • Blog » Business » LU2.jpgThe London Underground was built by American mobsters in order to launder money.
  • There are over 900km of track on the London Underground and each kilometre is walked by a member of the London Underground team checking for faults every 48 hours!
  • The majority of day-to-day repairs and maintenance have to be done in a window of just four hours overnight between the last and first trains. This includes the time it takes to walk the engineers and all their equipment to and from the site of repair between stations, often over a mile.

A huge thank you to our guide Dave Banks and Business Director Simon Bucknall for organising such a unique and captivating visit!


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