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25th May, 2015

From Fairy Tales to Global Success - Heather Ransom
by Chloe Bost on May 25, 2015 20:14


Three months after joining JCI London, I find myself heading to my first international JCI event - the European Capitals Meeting in Copenhagen with the inspiring theme 'From Fairy Tales to Global Success'.

The Jaycee welcome in the arrivals hall at Copenhagen Airport immediately made me feel at home. After dropping my case at my hotel, I headed to the harbour area of Nyhavn for a pre-tour walk around the canals to see the Little Mermaid statue before the welcome party in the meatpacking district. Everyone enjoyed the free beer and cider donated by Carlsberg! On the drinks table there was a donation box for JCI Copenhagen International's schools project in Liberia, which has a similar goal to our own London to Ghana project in fundraising for school books.

The theme for Friday was global success. We began the morning at the Vartov conference centre where we heard inspiring stories on developing success from Frans Mikael Jansen, Director General of Action Aid Denmark, and Lars Christian Brask, a banker who has also been the tour manager for the pop band Aqua. In the afternoon we walked over to the Culture Centre where we heard from Hans Jorgen Wiberg about an iPhone app  'Be My Eyes' enabling volunteers to support visually impaired people with everyday activities such as reading food labels, and from Helen Dahl, Director of the Tivoli Gardens, Denmark's largest amusement park. John Raagauge then led an interactive session focusing on understanding your mind, body, and feelings in order to create success and live your passion. Key pieces of advice given to us by the speakers were:
 'You have to buy the lottery ticket to have a chance of winning' 
 'Success is doing more of what you are good at'
'The expert in everything was once a beginner'

The afternoon continued with a workshop. JCI members were divided into fairy tale groups (I was a Thumberlina) to discuss 'in which areas can we make a JCI capital chapter more successful and how?'There were lots of creative ideas which I'll be sharing with the Council team. We then heard that next year's ECM will be in Ankara and include an optional pre-tour to Cappadocia. Friday finished with dinner and drinks at Bof og Ost - a french inspired Danish restaurant.

Saturday morning started with a treasure hunt around Copenhagen. We were split into our teams and given clues to take us to various sites around the city, at which we had to complete tasks including walking three legged, learning a dance routine, pronouncing difficult Danish words and answering random questions. We then went to the canal for a boat ride round Copenhagen before a guided tour of the Opera House. The highlight of the weekend was a fairy tale themed dinner - everyone went to town to create stunning outfits. As Maid Marion I even managed to find my Robin Hood!

Blog » International » HeatherRansomBlog.jpg

ECM finished on the Sunday morning with brunch - a delicious buffet with a glass of bubbly. Stephan Bouman, conference director, reminded us that fairy tales end with "they all lived happily ever after" and there will be opportunities for us to continue our JCI journey together at the European Conference in Istanbul and at ECM 2016. Marco handed over the London delegation's thank you gifts - Pimms and a Keep Calm mug.

ECM is a brilliant concept and is perfect for new members looking to network internationally on a smaller scale. I leave after three jam packed days having made 90 new friends from all over Europe. Thank you to Stephan and his JCI Copenhagen International team for amazing weekend. We look forward to seeing you in Ankara in 2016!

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23rd Sep, 2014

Tips: How to organise a successful event in JCI
by Sofie Sandell on September 23, 2014 16:59


To organise an event may seem a bit overwhelming and scary at first... worrying that nobody will turn up, what if the speaker isn’t engaging the audience… how embarrassing. Organising events can seem quite complex, as there are many things that just have to work on the day. With some careful planning and a creative mind you can make your event a big success. 

We are Marco van den Heuvel and Sofie Sandell, both Past Presidents of Junior Chamber International (JCI) London and we have both organised a large number of events in JCI as well as with other organisations.  In this document we share our top tips for how to better organise events. 

Download it here

Blog » 25_top_tips_on_how_to_organise_a_successful_event_in_jci_by_marco_and_sofie_.png

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21st Jul, 2014

Take the lead, have fun and achieve!
by Soraya Bowen on July 21, 2014 11:17


By Adeola Akintimehin

I'm on my way home after one of my most interesting evenings I have had in JCI, I'm not sure how Soraya and Rafael managed to fit everything into the session but it was a fantastic event.

In traditional JCI London style the event was both educational and interactive The event began with an introduction to JCI, its history, its core beliefs and some interesting facts. I was amazed to find out JCI has over 200,00 members in over 100 countries.


Events » Training courses » Mission and vision.jpg

Rafael Tselikas JCI London Training Director

Next up Soraya the current JCI London Deputy President told us her story. She has had the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, travel to different countries and meet Tim Campbell(MBE) the first winner of the TV show The Apprentice.


Then came the interactive part, a series of leadership quotes were placed all around the room and we were asked to stand next to one we felt most defined our idea of good leadership, all the quotes were impressive but we you could only choose one and then share with the group our thoughts and experiences on leadership.

Events » Training courses » Stand by your quote.jpg

Andy sharing his leadership thoughts

Finally we went thru all the various positions on the partnership which all members will be encouraged to put themselves forward for when the board elections come up later this year. You will be interested to know that you don't necessarily need to have the experience for a particular partnership role just a passion for whatever it is you want to do.
Don't despair if you couldn't make it to this event as this is the first of a series of events covering the leadership roles in JCI London. Keep your eyes open for more events coming up soon, where you can learn all about how JCI London can help you develop your leadership skills

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19th Jun, 2014

How to become a Digital Leader? With Sofie Sandell
by Rafael Tselikas on June 19, 2014 22:52


Hasanul speaks about his experience about the workshop on Digital leadership, 

I have read up a lot about leadership but had  never thought about it from the digital perspective so when I spotted the workshop by Sofie Sandel I signed up. 

In traditional JCI fashion the room had a great international spread of people who were there all offering great perspectives. 

The evening was split into two parts. In the first we were taken through a thought provoking hour of what leadership means to us, what great leadership we have experienced and ultimately would like to emulate.  Sofie then helped us understand how you communicate and transfer this onto the web.

She shared many hints and tips on creating a presence and community based on what you believe in passionately or are specialised in.

After a quick break we were eager to start the second half. We were now in a Q & A session with questions thrown in from both Sofie and Rafael our MC for the evening.  This led to some pretty interesting debates and resulted in great thought provoking ideas we could share and walk away with. 

It was a great experience, a lot of knowledge shared and a few new friends made! 

I would highly recommend going to Sofie's workshops or one of the many great workshops JCI holds almost every week.

Hasanul Hoque

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24th May, 2014

Untitled folder » JCI Achieve & Impact 24 05 2014.JPG

I’m currently on the central line on my way home after attending the JCI London Impact training. It was an engaging packed filled training session focusing on making a positive change within our local community. No matter how small or big. 

The day was completely interactive as I've been on a few training courses before and it has been death by Prezi/Powerpoint sadly. We worked on real examples of issues/problems in our local communities.

We learnt about the various community projects local JCI chambers have been working on around the world and also the JCI and UN (United Nations) Global partnership focusing on the UN Millennium Development Goals. We heard for example about the project of combating Malaria with Nothing But Nets, which is a project I particularly would like to get involved with.

We were taught the fundamentals of building an effective community project:

·    Researching and analyzing the issues in the local community (going out there and actually asking what issues actually affect the local community)

·    Investigating the issues (drilling down to the route cause)

·    Work with local community groups and in partnership with people and organizations from all sectors

·    Design ideas and solutions that will last not for the short term but the long term

·    Then take action…and do it.

And along the whole way asking the simple question of Why at every step.

I would encourage everyone (members and non-members) to attend JCI London Impact training in September 2014. As you will not only receive excellent training but also meet other like-minded people that want to create positive change.

See you soon,

Godfrey Atuahené Junior

Check out the upcoming JCI London Training events and and like our Facebook page

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11th May, 2014

JCI London tackles Inner Confidence
by Ceylan Sepil on May 11, 2014 15:56


Events » Training courses » Double your opportunities - May 2014.JPGOn Friday, May 9, twenty JCI members and non-members came together to discover more about building inner confidence.

The trainer for this event was Life Coach Simone Vincenzi. Simone highlighted the main difference between Confidence and Inner Confidence. He walked us through the three keys to increase our Inner Confidence levels: Self- Acceptance, Self-Love, and Self-Belief. The attendees had then a chance to experience each through challenging and fun exercises.

The other learnings from the evening were:

Participation = Value

My life is my business

I am the CEO of my life

The participants walked away with practical tools to nurture their state of inner confidence, and thereby dramatically increasing their personal and business opportunities in life.

Check out our Facebook page for pictures from this event.

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8th May, 2014

Belgrade 2014 - The start of the ECM
by Svenja Koeppe on May 8, 2014 15:30


It is time for the ECM - a non-offical JCI international event that was created by JCI London and Berlin in 1993. Still going strong with capitals all over Europe hosting the event every year this year's ECM is held by JCI Belgrade from the 8th until the 11th May 2014. Of course some London members made their way to Serbia and Marco Van Den Heuvel JCI Senator and President of JCI London 2009 is reporting about the event while it is happening.

Blog » International » ecm photo collection 1.jpg

I have been to National Conventions, twinning weekends, European Conferencences and a World Congress, but my favourite is still the European Capitals Meeting (ECM); big enough to get the international experience, small enough to get to know everyone during the event. Perhaps I am biased having organised the ECM in 2008.

So here I am in Belgrade with ECM veteran and friend Shafiq Mumani. We arrived 1day before it started and after dropping the luggage off at our host's house, we went straight to a night club to meet some of the other delegates from Amsterdam and Belgrade. These guys here know how to party hard: loud and late. Bedtime was at 4:30 am and my ears are still buzzing. Should I be worried about the nights to come, as we haven't even started yet?

Greetings from Belgrade


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28th Mar, 2014

Scrap Of Paper
by Dexter Dash on March 28, 2014 13:02


Sitting on the tube, I felt like reading but I had left my book at home. I found a half read newspaper and picked it up. Unfortunately or fortunately the article that caught my eye was partly torn so I cant credit the author. Here's the summary of what it said,


Far too often we seek satisfaction with mediocrity from ourselves, and a lot of the time, it creeps in..


We can jump to a mindset that over complicates the solutions to our challenges. We do this when we insist on making a mountain out of a mole hill because a challenge is real.


Lastly, values go AWOL when a lot of money and or status are involved. If we don't establish why we're here and who we're here for at the outset, values vanish when faced with life's challenges.


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21st Mar, 2014

3 Thoughts..
by Dexter Dash on March 21, 2014 01:00



"Sometimes it starts with a smile. Smiling is the greatest act of defiance, and sometimes asking for help is the most meaningful example of self reliance. Sometimes the best medicine is to laugh until you cry and, sometimes the greatest wisdoms come from accepting you will just never know why. Sometimes just going to bed is the best antidote to trials and tribulations, and sometimes just being blessed to get up again and face it all, for one more day is worthy of the celebration"


(Thanks Sofie!)



2. Do It..!

Great people do things before they're ready. They do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you're afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like these - that's what life is. You might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that's really special... and if you're not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself.

Amy Polehler

(The gentleman on the left is Tony Buzan - read his books as a kid)



3. Let GO

2014 is a great year..

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14th Mar, 2014

Our Team..
by Dexter Dash on March 14, 2014 00:28


There is this thing to be said for team work. Actually there are a lot of things said about team work but there is one thing that remains no matter what team you are in. Commitment to the process.  JCI London Deputy President Soraya Bowen dropped a message into the Annual Dinner Team WhatsApp group chat. It said,

 “Our journey isn’t perfect but it’s ours … and I’ll stick with you ’til the end”

Now what Soraya won’t know until she reads this post or somebody tells her, is that at precisely that moment she sent that message to our group chat, I was looking at an email she had sent and was thinking “I wish she had spoken to me before she sent that email”. Now here’s is my point, I knew that even though I didn’t understand the circumstances that lead to the email she had sent, I trusted her. I would still need to ask her to help me understand her choice, but I trusted her. The reason why I trusted her is because since Soraya was elected as my deputy, she has lived these words “Our journey isn’t perfect but it’s ours … and I’ll stick with you ’til the end”. Soraya is committed to the process. She’s not the only one. I have to name a few others notably Ola Szaran, Matt Beaven and Svenja Koeppe.

Sometimes team work requires some of your best people to tackle tasks that are thankless. These are tasks that no one else wants because of the high risks of failure, ongoing intensity, the promise of high stress levels and credit, if any, will not be given if mistakes are made. Sometimes being in a team is having the willingness to allow people the time to make a choice that you wouldn’t make yourself and allow them the opportunity to make decisions, learn from their choices and support them to make amends if the journey isn’t perfect.

Agnes Demile

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