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28th Mar, 2014

Scrap Of Paper
by Dexter Dash on March 28, 2014 13:02


Sitting on the tube, I felt like reading but I had left my book at home. I found a half read newspaper and picked it up. Unfortunately or fortunately the article that caught my eye was partly torn so I cant credit the author. Here's the summary of what it said,


Far too often we seek satisfaction with mediocrity from ourselves, and a lot of the time, it creeps in..


We can jump to a mindset that over complicates the solutions to our challenges. We do this when we insist on making a mountain out of a mole hill because a challenge is real.


Lastly, values go AWOL when a lot of money and or status are involved. If we don't establish why we're here and who we're here for at the outset, values vanish when faced with life's challenges.


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21st Mar, 2014

3 Thoughts..
by Dexter Dash on March 21, 2014 01:00



"Sometimes it starts with a smile. Smiling is the greatest act of defiance, and sometimes asking for help is the most meaningful example of self reliance. Sometimes the best medicine is to laugh until you cry and, sometimes the greatest wisdoms come from accepting you will just never know why. Sometimes just going to bed is the best antidote to trials and tribulations, and sometimes just being blessed to get up again and face it all, for one more day is worthy of the celebration"


(Thanks Sofie!)



2. Do It..!

Great people do things before they're ready. They do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you're afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like these - that's what life is. You might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that's really special... and if you're not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself.

Amy Polehler

(The gentleman on the left is Tony Buzan - read his books as a kid)



3. Let GO

2014 is a great year..

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14th Mar, 2014

Our Team..
by Dexter Dash on March 14, 2014 00:28


There is this thing to be said for team work. Actually there are a lot of things said about team work but there is one thing that remains no matter what team you are in. Commitment to the process.  JCI London Deputy President Soraya Bowen dropped a message into the Annual Dinner Team WhatsApp group chat. It said,

 “Our journey isn’t perfect but it’s ours … and I’ll stick with you ’til the end”

Now what Soraya won’t know until she reads this post or somebody tells her, is that at precisely that moment she sent that message to our group chat, I was looking at an email she had sent and was thinking “I wish she had spoken to me before she sent that email”. Now here’s is my point, I knew that even though I didn’t understand the circumstances that lead to the email she had sent, I trusted her. I would still need to ask her to help me understand her choice, but I trusted her. The reason why I trusted her is because since Soraya was elected as my deputy, she has lived these words “Our journey isn’t perfect but it’s ours … and I’ll stick with you ’til the end”. Soraya is committed to the process. She’s not the only one. I have to name a few others notably Ola Szaran, Matt Beaven and Svenja Koeppe.

Sometimes team work requires some of your best people to tackle tasks that are thankless. These are tasks that no one else wants because of the high risks of failure, ongoing intensity, the promise of high stress levels and credit, if any, will not be given if mistakes are made. Sometimes being in a team is having the willingness to allow people the time to make a choice that you wouldn’t make yourself and allow them the opportunity to make decisions, learn from their choices and support them to make amends if the journey isn’t perfect.

Agnes Demile

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7th Mar, 2014

Hey Members!
by Dexter Dash on March 7, 2014 00:16


Something I would like to say to all our members,

- JCI members can participate in JCI London at all levels. This includes director, project leader, and project volunteer positions. JCI London members can propose, create or support events they wish to see materialise

- All members wishing to learn more about how JCI London is run can join council meetings by simply requesting to do so.

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28th Feb, 2014

Anyone hear about Soul Pancake?
by Dexter Dash on February 28, 2014 23:51


21st Feb, 2014

Every Now and Then..
by Dexter Dash on February 21, 2014 23:47


it's only 6 minutes.. but it's an interesting 6 minutes :-)


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14th Feb, 2014

by Dexter Dash on February 14, 2014 23:41


1. Your time is much better spent seizing opportunities than pinching pennies.


2. Innovation is seldom as important as timely execution of an adequate imitation


3. Buffett didn't get rich until he overcame his shyness, recruited members for his investment partnerships, and led those partners in squeezing stock performance out of corporate managers. Case in point: No one gets rich alone

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7th Feb, 2014

Sometimes my team makes me feel like this..
by Dexter Dash on February 7, 2014 23:31


5th Feb, 2014

World Peace Day 2014!
by Rafael Tselikas on February 5, 2014 07:51


On the 21st September 2014 JCI London's young activists will be joining forces with Peace One Day  in promotion of the UN World Peace Day. 

At the first kick off meeting ideas flew off in all directions when we tried to figure out what Peace Day will look like this year: with more experience and longer preparation time there awaits bigger and more ambitious goals.

The prevalent question what is peace and what it means to different people dominated our conversations. We came to conclusion that some may see it as a global non-violent interdependence between nations, while others associate with it on a more personal level. There is no right or wrong answer here. After all, it all starts with us. And the people around us, and our communities.

The goal for this year’s event is to spread goodwill and a word of peace.

Who are you going to make peace with this year?

If you would like to get involved our next meeting is on 10 February at the Chamber, please book here: 

Have a look and like our Facebook page

And the video from World Peace Day 2013 in London

Blog post author: Egle Valeikate


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31st Jan, 2014

Why Not Me?
by Dexter Dash on January 31, 2014 23:19


Reading I came across an article


“Success--no matter what the endeavour--is difficult to achieve. We all fail sometimes. When we do, it's easy to feel down, and in our (however momentary) self-pity ask ourselves questions like, "Why doesn't my boss recognize my unique talents?" "Why don't I ever get the opportunities other people get?" "Why aren't my friends more supportive?" "Why can't I ever catch a break?"


In short: "Why me?"


In 2014 JCI London will ask :


"Why not me?"


Why not be those who were scared and tried anyway? Why not double or triple or quadruple what we do and what we are?.. Why not succeed where others have failed. Why can’t today's ideas be tomorrows transformation.

Past President Simon Bucknall said there are times when "..done is better than perfect". I'm not a believer in bravado, I'm inclined to a history of results, that sometimes belief is best sustained by results. Not that results define "possible". Doubt is natural. none the less. we will say, "why not me."

Because we chose to believe in ourselves

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