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27th Feb, 2017

We Are London Gala Dinner WRITE UP
by Ruthie Pinion on February 27, 2017 20:10


Well, our biggest social event of the year has come and gone. To all those who joined us: thank you and we hope your hangovers have suitably subsided. To those who weren't able to: have a read through our write up and find out what you missed. Next year, make sure you get your ticket and join us!

The Private Members' Lounge at the Guildhall was a perfect setting for our evening. With all of our guests dressed in finery and chains of office aplenty, the backdrop of the main halls served as a fitting reminder of where JCI can take you. We were able to reconnect with old friends from across the world, as we had the privilege of hosting many international guests from chambers across the globe. With welcome champagne, our guests chatted and bonded and generally caught up on all that has happened since we were last together. Rafael called us to our seats, gave us a brief outline on the evening, and we began our starters. The food, as to be expected, was magnificent and served with the perfect wine to compliment each dish. We were certainly spoiled on that front!

The other aspect of the night was the speeches. First, Mr Keith Bottomley CC told us all about how much JCI UK membership has helped and meant to him. We heard a lot about the history of the city, and it was a pleasure to hear what JCI can do for you. It served as a reminder of all of the things JCI gives us aside from a wonderful network of friends. Next, Mr Bill Fraser OBE, Deputy gave us an incredibly moving speech, citing our JCI values. Sometimes it's good to remember what JCI stands for aside from it's mission statement. Both David and I were inspired (and slightly emotional) at the end of Bill's speech. Up next was current JCI UK President Michael Steel. As promised to JCI Southampton, we did keep him in one piece, despite our best efforts to corrupt him. Among Michael's tales of his experiences with our chamber, he also expressed the pride and gratitude we all have in our hearts for our IPP Rafael. 2016 was a monumental year for JCI London and we owe it to his leadership. It was fitting, then, that Rafael continued proceedings by announcing our awards.

The Peter Ancell Award: Marine Klein

The John Aspinall Award: Garin Rouch

The Gerald Bodmer Award: Zohasina Razafinjatovo

The London Jubilee Award: Matt Beavan

The Prentis Award for Excellence: Heloise Mignot

The Belgium Staines Award: Immaculate Birungi

The David Woodgate Award: Roxana Cardos

The Karen Pheasant Award: Ruta Rataviciute

Discresionary Award for Finance: Bandhu P Das

Certificates of Merit: Velislava Chardakova, Oliver Rieche, Maud D'Agostini, Brenda Kerson

Special Awards for Continuous Support: Marco Van Den Heuval, Joe Dilger

With awards out of the way, it was Raf's turn to give a speech. Throughout he expressed his thanks for his team, the senators, and most importantly his wife for her constant support. It was lovely and fitting to see her recognised by her husband and a room full of friends who have also appreciated everything she's done. Next, it was time for the handover of the chain and David's "inaugaration" speech. I had a bet on whether he would cry (sorry David), but our President stood firm and expressed his pride for the 2017 team in all the work done so far and still to come. In what can only be attributed to karma and not the fact I was a little tipsy and weak, I did have a small cry. JCI Galas will do that to you: you're reminded of all of the wonderful people you're surrounded by, the progress you can make in a matter of months, and the places you want to go; not just for yourself but to make everyone around you proud. In other news, I'm a soppy git.

What followed was carriges, and frivolity at Babble. I'd write what happened then but a) we all got a bit silly and b) I can barely remember. This is why you don't let a 21 year old go drinking with you. All in all, it was a wonderful night for all involved. We're immensley proud of all recipients of awards, and a huge congratulations and thanks go out to the incomparable Ruta for organising such a fantastic affair.

Thanks to all for joining us and we hope to see you all soon ~ Ruthie 

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27th Feb, 2017

Leadership and Self-Mastery WRITE UP
by Ruthie Pinion on February 27, 2017 18:28


Last week, we kicked off our business programme with the phenomenal Dr Demartini lecture, giving all an insight into both themselves and what to expect from your business team this year. It was an insightful evenign which wasa one of our best attended events to date. What follows is the traditional write up of the event for anyone who wants to see what we got up to.

training » Audience.jpg

Central to the whole session is this: the human values are the foundation of achievement. Everyone lives according to some priorities and has a different set of values. We all have a different vantage point and perspective which give us these different values. These values help us filter our reality and determine what we perceive and how we act. When we don't know what to do, we act according to other people's values and we put these ahead of our own. When we do this, our own internal motivation stalls and we subordinate our values to those of other people. We don't actually need motivation to act: it's a symptom of being uninspired. 

training » Demartini talk.jpg

This is where we get to the crux of Demartini's talk. We need to dig deep inside ourselves and work out what makes us tick, what our true values are. When you see the real you, you'll realise that you're already full. You aren't missing anything. You need to recognise and honour your inner magnificence and fullness. You're a leader when you spontaneously live by your highest values. This is where you innovate and create; this is where you excel! Your core competancey is that which alines with these highest values. Your purpose is your expression of these values. What do you do which makes you want to get up in a morning without any outside forces?

So, here's the practical bit. Take a little bit of time each day and write down your 6 highest priority tasks that you can do within the next 24 hours. When you do them, it'll empower you more than a day full of low priority tasks. So make some small changes today and start making steps towards your highest goal.

training » Demartini Group.jpg

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15th Feb, 2017

Meeting Mikael, and why we're Junior Chamber INTERNATIONAL
by Ruthie Pinion on February 15, 2017 15:01


Most of us forget and take advantage of the fact that JCI is a truly international organisation. With annual conferences on a European and World level, European Academy, international members joining us at conferences such as LEAP and National Convention, it's easy for us to forget that this is a HUGE part of what makes JCI such a rewarding organisation. You can take a trip, be it business or personal, to most cities in the world and be able to meet the Local Chamber for drinks or dinner, or even to be shown some of the secrets of the city. I get countless messages every week from members across the world who are coming to visit and want to find out what we'll be up to during their stay. We forget all of this, and yet last week we hosted a member of JCE Tours who is making the most of this international aspect.

Blog » French JCI.jpg

La semaine derniere la Jeune Chambre Iinternationale (JCI) de Londres, a eu le plaisir d'accueillir Mikael de la Jeune Chambre Economique (JCE) de Tours, lors de sa reunion mensuelle. Après en avoir appris un peu plus a propos de ces aventures d'active citoyen dans le monde entier, nous l'avons enmener dans la plus grande institution anglaise, tradition oblige: Le Pub.

(Big thanks to Marine for translating that, I am woefully monolingual)

Mikael is undertaking a 15-stop world tour as part of project Worldwide Active Citizen. His first stop was, of course, JCI London before heading up to JCI Sheffield and on to Belguim. In each country he visits, he is highlighting the volunteering and community work done by the National Chamber (things like Peace Week and £1 a Day). It's a chance to hear all about the incredible work that JCI active citizens across the world are doing, spread best practise, and get a brief insight into the cultures we forget are right on our doorstep.

Thanks for your visit Mikael, we hope you had a great time and we look forward to hearing all about your trip.

If you want to follow along, check out

Blog » frech JCI.jpg

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