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9th May, 2013

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 2013 JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award

JCI (Junior Chamber International) London proudly presents the winners of the "2013 JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award" (TOYP). This award is a prestigious local and international awards to recognise outstanding young professionals who excel and create positive change in their chosen fields.

Please join us at the award ceremony Tuesday 21st May, 6:45pm at the London Chamber of Commerce, 33 Queen Street, EC4R 1AP, you will have the chance to meet the winners and listen to their stories. The event is open to both JCI members and guests. We have limited seats for the award ceremony, hence book the ticket NOW to reserve your place.

JCI London honours ten outstanding young people this year, and they may have the opportunity to represent JCI UK in the world TOYP final in Rio, Brazil in November. These winners exemplify the spirit of the JCI mission and provide extraordinary service to the Greater London community.  

The winners come from a variety of backgrounds and they are between 18 to 40 years old. They have all been nominated in one of the ten categories: business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment; political, legal, and/or governmental affairs; culture achievements; academic leadership; moral and/or environmental leadership; human rights and/or voluntary leadership; moral and/or environmental leadership; scientific and/or technological development; personal improvement and/or accomplishment and medical innovation. 

The JCI London TOYP winners in 2013 are: 

TOYP2013 » John Loughton.jpg

John Loughton - Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs

Read more about John




TOYP2013 » Tia Kansara.jpgTia Kansara, Moral and/or environmental leadership 

Read more about Tia 



TOYP2013 » Robyn Scott.jpg

Robyn Scott - Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership

Read more about Robyn





TOYP2013 » Zoe Cunningham .jpg

Zoe Cunningham - Personal improvement and/or accomplishment

Read more about Zoe


TOYP2013 » James Eder.jpg

James Eder - Academic leadership and/or accomplishment

Read more about James



TOYP2013 » Mavis Amankwah.JPGMavis Amankwah, Business, Economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

Read more about Mavis






TOYP2013 » Lee Denny.JPG

Lee Denny, Culture achievements

Read more about Lee


TOYP2013 » Junior Ogunyemi.png

Junior Ogunyemi, Business, Economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

Read more about Junior





TOYP2013 » Tunde Okewale.jpgTunde Okewale - Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs

Read more about Tunde







TOYP2013 » Krishna Gandhi .jpg

Krishna Gandhi - Scientific and/or technological development

Read more about Krishna





For more information and contact:

JCI London TOYP project coordinators:

Trang Tran -;

Michela Pascucci -

Adriana Albarracin Pineda -

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