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26th Jul, 2012

Public Speaking Club
by Mehnaz Siddiqui on July 26, 2012 14:03


"There have always been great public speakers and great public speeches in our societies – from the great Greek and Latin philosophers to the modern political activists and visionaries. And despite the fact that ideas and styles may have changed in time, there has always been one common ground – the audience and the need to address the audience in an inspiring, convincing way that can touch them and make them share our ideas in order to make a change for the better around us.

Blog » Training » Public Speaking Club 2 18.7.12.jpg

And how can we actually do that? On Wednesday evening, one of the greatest public speakers in the UK Simon Bucknall shared his ideas in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. All presentations, no matter the topic, are in fact conversations between you, the speaker, and your audience, Simon told us. And the more you shift towards your audience looked upon as an interlocutor, the better.

And what exactly does your audience need? Well, they need good rapport, a roadmap to see where you take them and most importantly they need to see a purpose, a goal. Once the public speaker manages to build these three elements, the road to success is almost guaranteed.

However, what I do believe is missing from this triangle is its very centre, which is the honest belief and passion for what you are putting across – and on Wednesday 18th July at the London Chamber of Commerce, I could see passionate speakers talking from their hearts about the things that touched their lives in such meaningful ways

Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you so much for the opportunity, JCI London Training Team!

Blog » Training » Public Speaking Club 18.7.12.jpg

By Roxana Pascariu

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25th Jul, 2012

Book Club
by Marlies Kunnen on July 25, 2012 09:28


Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. - Groucho Marx

And the best place for discussing books is the JCI London Book Club! We are currently reading The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan and our next meeting is on 22nd August. If you are a JCI member and would like to join the book club please contact Marlies

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19th Jul, 2012

Meet one of our new members - Ola Szaran
by Sarah Beckwith on July 19, 2012 21:59


Why did you join JCI?

Ola Graduating at Marketing AcademyI joined JCI because I believe this is a place to meet active and extraordinary people who are not afraid to take actions to make a difference! It's a place to learn, develop your skills and become a person you want to be

What events have you attended?
My first JCI event was the ‘Marketing Academy' in Sheffield. I was very impressed by the smooth organisation and great training sessions. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in marketing. I've also attended several business events and the event with JCI Secretary General Edson Kodama who talked about JCI history, where it all started and what's the plan for the future.

I even organised one event myself- a meeting with an inspirational business woman and mentor- Karen Darby. I received all the help I needed from the business team members and the event was a great success with almost 40 attendees.

How have you been enjoying your membership so far?
Yes, very much. One of the best things as a member is that you are able to decide how much you want to get involved. I think you can compare it to a beautiful garden. You can sit on a bench and enjoy the surroundings or grab a trowel and plant some flowers. It's really in your hands, as every JCI member has a voice and can shape the future.

What are you most looking forward to about being a JCI member?
I can be very specific - I'm looking forward to the 21st July, to attend the TEDxSquareMile - Team Launch Event. I would love to get involved in this project!


Thanks Ola!


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13th Jul, 2012

JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award 2012
by Sofie Sandell on July 13, 2012 10:42


JCI London Ten Outstanding Young People Award was a big success with eight outstanding winners. Almost 80 people attended the event during the evening.

If you missed out please check out the photos and the slideshow from the event: 

Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) 2012

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11th Jul, 2012

Visit to JCI Cambridge
by Simon James Bucknall on July 11, 2012 09:30


Blog » Random » 280px-KingsCollegeChapelWest.jpgI write this post on the morning of our JCI London 'Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards' Night. Really looking forward to it - and we have more than ninety people booked. Super!

Last night, I paid a visit to our friends at JCI Cambridge - to deliver a workshop 'Talk The Walk' on communication and how to articulate your 'true value' as a professional. Imagine my delight to discover that, on arrival at Cambridge train station, the venue was all of 200 yards away!

As ever, a very warm welcome from chamber President, Patrick McCrae, and VP, James Mitchell. Thanks guys!

Cambridge have a very good relationship with top slaw firm, Eversheds, so we had a terrific space to work in - and a lively group of about 15 people, keen to learn and ready to push beyond the proverbial comfort zone!

If you're reading this and are within easy reach of London, why not come to one of our upcoming events? There's plenty to choose from - though I suspect spaces at tonight's TOYP event may be all but sold out!

Make It Happen!

Simon Bucknall

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9th Jul, 2012

The Suit Amnesty’s second annual campaign has come to a close and we are delighted to report that it has been another massive success. Across the country we had a whole host of businesses taking part and people have been as generous as ever with their unwanted workwear. From libraries to theatres and pension companies to banks, all sorts of companies and venues have been championing our cause and acting as drop-off points. And we’ve been graced by a raft of celeb support too – James Cordon, Ruth Langsford and Kate Walsh have been getting in on the act and helping us to spread the word.
All of which means The Suit Amnesty has been bigger and better than last year and shows what a caring, thoughtful bunch us Brits are. More than 3,000 suits have been donated (with more still to come), and our partner charities are over the moon, so THANK YOU!!

Me with the suits collected so far!!

Blog » Community » Me with suits we have collected so far!!.jpg

Here are just some of the things those involved in the campaign have been saying:

"Our wonderful suits make a big difference to homeless people's ability to get back into work. When they go to interviews, they really look and feel the part." Amanda Croome, Booth Centre Co-ordinator

“We’re delighted to have been involved for the second year running. The suits are really great quality and invaluable for our ‘Back to Work’ scheme – they give people a real confidence boost ahead of an interview.” Penny Roberts, Connection St Martins – London.

“Self confidence is very personal - a feeling someone has when they know everything, for them, is just right. We can help our clients prepare in lots of ways for employment and being well presented is a really important part of that.” Val Nevin, Assistant Director at the Cyrenians – Newcastle.

Blog » Community » Paul from the Cyrenians in Newcastle getting a new suit.jpg

Paul from Cyreians in Newcastle getting a new suit

“The Suit Amnesty campaign fits well with our objective to deliver help in the area of employability and we hope to be able to make a real difference to those that need it most.” Mark Menton, assurance director and community affairs leader for PWC North East.

Blog » Community » PWC with their stash of suits.jpg

Member of staff from PwC with their stash of suits

"Suit Amnesty created an extra buzz for our business as it got people talking and really seemed to strike a note with everyone who came into contact with us. The quality of the suits donated was impressive and the thought that they are going to such good use has been truly inspiring. Not only that but partaking in the campaign helped raise awareness of The Marketers' Forum as we were featured in the Guardian - re-gifting has been rewarding in more ways than one!" Abby Beckley from drop-off point the Marketers Forum.

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5th Jul, 2012

My Journey to Becoming a Young Trustee
by on July 5, 2012 18:57


I became a Trustee of Centre 404  Blog » Community » Me in action at JCI London Trustee Event.jpgseveral years ago. When I was asked I was already a volunteer at the charity, but I never imagined that I could become a Trustee. I thought being a Trustee was only for much older, mainly retired people. I really enjoyed learning about the organisation, meeting the key people and starting to contribute at a Governance level.  One day, along with the Chief Executive and two fellow Trustees, I was lucky enough to go to a national Trustee conference.

Once there I was shocked by how few young people were attending and began to look into things more deeply. I found that, according to Charity Commission research, the average age of a Trustee in England and Wales is 57. I decided to do something about it. Just over a year ago, I set up a group for Young Trustees on LinkedIn. I thought it would be a good way to encourage current and potential future Young Trustees to network and also for those with more experience to provide encouragement and advice. I was struck by how many people were interested and it was obvious that this was an area which was currently lacking support. Through Trustees Week awareness of Young Charity Trustee (YCT) built and it gave me the opportunity to reach out to other organisations.

In December 2011 I also put YCT on Twitter and Facebook and in spring this year we got a website, designed for free for us by the brilliant Inspiring Young People A few months ago I took on my first two volunteers who are already driving things forward. I have now managed to meet with a lot of organisations and charities who are interested in promoting Trusteeship and through their generosity and support, our message is starting to get out. JCI London has been particularly helpful. As well as promoting Trusteeship, I am also keen that YCT generally promotes opportunities for young people and shows them how they can fulfil their potential and JCI provides a great example of that. JCI London member Natalie Jewel recently gave a brilliant explanation of what can be gained by young people becoming Trustees Some of her key points were the pleasure you get from being involved with something that you are passionate about, the opportunity to learn new skills that will take your career 

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1st Jul, 2012

A First Timer at European Conference in Braunschweig
by Alekhya Mukherji on July 1, 2012 18:12


When I started my journey to Braunschweig two weeks ago I was not sure what to expect. I had heard many stories and great experiences from others at JCI but nothing really prepares you for the real thing until you actually take part.

Right from the start I met fabulous people. At the airport I met most of the delegation from Cambridge. It was an early start for all of us but we were all buzzing with energy! From the beginning I was impressed with the immaculate organisation of the conference. Everything was catered for - transport, food, drinks etc. Even if you felt you were lost (especially at the beginning) there was always someone from the Conference Organising Committee (COC) staff on hand to help you.

While going through the agenda before the EC I had decided to attend as many training courses possible, sprinkled with a few company visits to keep me busy; and the parties every night J .However, I would recommend any first timer to take part in the "First Timer" event at the start of any conference. It is a great starting point to understand how the conferences are structured and work and also guide you through the important parts of the agenda. It was also a platform to meet other people who are in the same boat and get introduced to Senators who have done it all and are there to help you get the best experience.

The training seminars available were varied and interesting (however dependent on trainer). Being able to learn and share experiences and best practices across Europe was very useful. You get many "aha" moments where you realize that there are other aspects you had not considered and enable you to think more broadly.

And finally the parties and UK delegation - the parties were fabulous. The locations were quirky, free-flow drinks and socializing with great people. A perfect end to each day! However, the highlight at each party was the UK delegation. We showed up in strength, stood out from the crowd and were the loudest and most cheeredJ Further, not to forget the galas and award ceremonies were very special - with one of our own winning the "Most outstanding new member" award.

Looking back it was a fantastic experience and I am really happy I took the opportunity to attend. You can only understand the international aspect and appeal once you attend an event like this. What stand out for me is the perfect organisation, the sponsorships and branding of JCI (something we should target in the UK) and the extraordinary people!

JCI UK delegation, European Conference


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