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20th Feb, 2012

JCI London Awards 2011
by Sarah Beckwith on February 20, 2012 12:11


At our annual dinner on 4 February, we celebrated the achievements of our members. Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your hard work and commitment to JCI London in 2011.

Chamber » Eyad.jpg

The Peter Ancell Award - Eyad Hamouieh
For the member who, through his own initiative, goodwill and lack of thought for personal gain, puts into effect such valuable projects as will enhance and ultimately contribute to international understanding


The John Aspinall Award - Niraj Shah
For a member whose personal example in the organisation of a project or events shall have added most to the reputation of JCI London as an organisation capable of training the business leaders of the future


Chamber » Vincent.jpg

The Presidents Cup - Vincent Espitalier
To the member who has done most to enhance the stature of JCI London, preferably but not necessarily in the international field.


The Gerald Bodmer Award - Raani Virdee
Awarded to a member of less than 2 years standing, who has shown, by involvement in Chamber activities, a strong commitment to the organisation and an intention to stay involved.


Chamber » Nadene.jpg

The Karen Pheasant Award - Nadene Jones
In recognition of the most outstanding member of the Executive Committee.


The Leslie Fellner Memorial Award - Diana Lowe
For the outstanding achievement in the year by a member other than the President or Deputy President in furtherance of the Chamber's service to and reputation in the City of London


Chamber » Anke.jpg

The Horizons Award - Anke Brandts
This award recognises innovative ideas, individual enterprise or other contributions which help Chamber members overcome mental barriers to success or help them broaden their horizons.


The London Jubilee Award - Lydia Bartaud-Nel
Presented to a member who has done the most during the year to encourage others to join the Chamber.


Chamber » Soraya.jpg

The David Woodgate Award - Soraya Bowen
Recognises a member who has done the most to promote the ethos of Junior Chamber


The Prentis Award for Excellence - Mehnaz Siddiqui
Awarded to a member for his/her professional and excellent performance in many aspects of Chamber activity.

The Belgium Staines Memorial Award - Sandor Kovacs
To the member of over 3 years standing who, through an unselfish commitment, promoted the spirit of solidarity and friendship in Junior Chamber.


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17th Feb, 2012

Annual Dinner on the River Thames.
by Alexandra Illsley on February 17, 2012 20:38


On the 3rd of February everyone came together to celebrate the achievements of JCI London throughout 2011 under the leadership of local president Sarah Beckwith.

The masquerade themed evening began with a welcome drink and then the boat set of on its cruise down the river Thames, taking in such sights as the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. 

As guests sat down to enjoy their dinner MC Ian Johnson oversaw proceedings. We had words from our international guests who had travelled to London to be here for this event, demonstrating the strong links between JCI London and its twin chambers. Sarah introduced her awards to JCI London members, recognising their achievements in 2011. Nadene Jones, President of JCI Ignite, was presented with a gift of the chain of office. Nadene and other members have worked tirelessly to establish a new JCI chamber in London. As Sarah and JCI UK 2012 National President, Solveig Malvik, presented Nadene with the gift Sarah received a surprise award of her own. As she read the inscription on the back of Nadene's chain she read her own senatorship number! A lovely moment as Solveig presented Sarah with her JCI senatorship.

After dinner entertainment was provided by after dinner speaker Ola Aralepo who was very amusing. As 2012 JCI London President Simon Bucknall pointed out no one minded the February Freeze as they enjoyed the celebration. Of course, the dinner culminated in Simon being presented with his chain of office and being inaugarated as JCI London President 2012. Simon was particularly taken with the feeling of optimism evident on the night as JCI London heads into 2012.      

Annual Dinner.JPG

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17th Feb, 2012

Active Citizen Meet - time to take action!!!
by Soraya Bowen on February 17, 2012 10:30


The community team has landed! well the start of a team at least. The JCI London Community team had our first meeting on Wednesday 8 Febuary, the discussions centred on what is it we want to achieve and how are we going to achieve it.

There was a healthy dose of realism added in there, as we tried to get to grips with what we meant by community and then how on earth we communicate this to other JCI members to get them all excited and motivated to help us achieve this years vision. There was an excited flow of ideas after this Community Director, Soraya set out her aims and objectives and invited our input. There is clearly already a lot planned and in full motion so look out for some fun easy things that you can get involved in and make a difference in the world with hardly any effort.

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17th Feb, 2012

Happy New Year !!!
by Soraya Bowen on February 17, 2012 10:20


 The year begins for me  on 1st February and marks the start of the great work JCI London Community team needs to do to make an impact in our communities on a local, national and global level.
January has flown by with the planning and thinking behind how we (JCI members) tackle the problems we see in the world the today-a HUGE task!!! Which leads onto my anthem for this year for when I start feel my drive and passion being challenged and I will play this song, check out the lyrics and you will see why.

My anthem for 2012 is: Alicia Keys 'Superwoman'


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