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30th Dec, 2011

JCI London 2011 - What A Year!
by Sarah Beckwith on December 30, 2011 11:07


It has been another amazing year for JCI London.  Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Blog » Community » Penny Poker.jpgHosting more than 100 local events covering all areas of opportunity (on average more than 2 per week!)
  • Raising over £300 for Nothing But Nets via events such as Penny Poker, the pub quiz, Loch Ness Marathon and the Penny Jar,  in addition to buying over 20 bed nets direct for trainers/speakers...i.e. over 50 lives saved in Africa
  • Launching a new website with blog, which has over 90 posts
  • JCI London gaining over 2000 fans on the Facebook fan page and over 350 followers to the twitter account
  • Having a very active council of 18 members, with many JCI London members also being active on National Board (and the same set to continue in 2012).Blog » International » London Ladies in Union Jackage.jpg
  • Over 70 new members joining in 2011
  • Large delegations of 12 members attending European Conference in Tarragona and 18 at World Congress in Brussels
  • Introduction of Roundtable format business events, giving members intimate access to business leaders, willing to share their personal stories and advice in small group discussions
  • Successful Go For It! event running again in May, with TOYP winner Sabirul Islam as keynote speaker
  • Three members being recognised for their volunteering activities via the JCI UK ACE (Active Citizen Experience) scheme
  • Representation at the Staines Memorial in Staines in June and the JCI Belgium Staines Award service in DecemberBlog » International » Eyad - boat.JPG
  • Live Like a Londoner Twinning Weekend with attendees from four out of our five twin chambers experiencing the hidden gems of life in London
  • JCI London being represented at pretty much every international event possible, including the European Academy, ASPAC, Crayfish Conference, UN Summit, Know-How Transfer, Americas Conference, European Capitals Meeting and Beat of Berlin
  • Hosting of three official JCI courses (Presenter, Trainer and Achieve), plus many members graduating from courses in other locations
  • JCI London members taking part in all major national events, including inspiration day, the marketing academy, presidents and deputies day and national convention
  • Organisation of the first JCI UK South Leadership Academy with 11 London graduates
  • Blog » Business » WomenRoundtable.jpgHaving entrants in the JCI UK National Public Speaking, Debating and Extempore competitions
  • Establishing a new chamber - JCI Ignite London (official launch on 16 February)
  • Being awarded five National Awards/Certificates of Merit
  • Awarding two senatorships - Tina Strack & Solveig Malvik
  • JCI London being 100% efficient!

Thank you to all those who have contributed to and supported the chamber in 2011.  Please do come along and help us celebrate at the Annual Dinner on 3 February:

Blog » Random » AGM II.jpgWant to get involved and make it happen in 2012?  You can find out more at our meet the council event on 17 January:


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27th Dec, 2011

Past Present Future
by Sarah Beckwith on December 27, 2011 16:45


Blog » Social » PPF - chatting.jpgIt has become a tradition for JCI London to have an event where the current and future council come together with our past presidents and senators. This year a total of 23 past and present members (among them 10 past presidents and 13 senators) convened at Chez Gerard on the Southbank for an evening of great food, company and conversation.

The event is a chance for attendees to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas across the generations. Anyone who is a senator or who has been a president of the chamber will retain a keen interest in our activities and it is great to be able to build relationships and connections, not to mention being able to tap into their wealth of knowledge!

We were lucky to have many esteemed members and senators among us on the night and after hearing from the current council (me) and future council (Deputy President Simon Bucknall), National President elect Solveig Malvik, Past National President Barry Miller and International Vice President Lesley Young also shared their thoughts.

Blog » Social » PPF - cheers.jpgThe highlight of the evening for me was the awarding of a senatorship to 2007 JCI London President Tina Strack. A senatorship is a life-long membership of JCI awarded only to those who have made an outstanding contribution in their years of membership. Tina was suitably shocked by, but incredibly deserving of her award.

Tina was instrumental in the reinvigoration of JCI London, taking on the role of president shortly after moving to the UK and having already been president of JCI Vancouver. Using her knowledge of JCI from Vancouver, Tina set up processes to ensure the smooth running of the chamber. She implemented new ideas such as a newsletter and monthly chamber meetings, which gradually built the number of active members. The chamber would not be where it is today without Tina's energy, enthusiasm and team spirit in her year as president.

Thank you to all our past presidents and senators for their continuing support of the chamber and making this year's event such as success!

Blog » Social » PPF - Senators.jpg

JCI London Senators

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26th Dec, 2011

Going Underground...
by Sarah Beckwith on December 26, 2011 22:28


The last JCI London business visit of the year took a group of dedicated members to a West London Underground depot on a freezing December Friday morning at 8.30am, but boy was it worth it.   Living in West London, I had no idea that there was a huge manufacturing facility just 15 minutes walk from my house.

Blog » Business » LU1.jpgThe work the team do there is simply incredible.  When an ˝emergency˝ occurs somewhere on the network, i.e. something that could cause major delays or line closure, the team at the depot can manufacture a replacement part in just 12 hours, something that would take a commercial company 12 weeks.  The team deals with on average three such emergencies every week!

From the smallest sign to the largest rail junction, they are all manufactured on site.  There were machines for all types of processes (some invented and built on site!) and the skills of the workers there were obviously varied and complex.

Everyone on the tour was left gobsmacked by the fascinating facts about and enormity of the task of taking care of London's tube system.  For example did you know...?

  • Blog » Business » LU2.jpgThe London Underground was built by American mobsters in order to launder money.
  • There are over 900km of track on the London Underground and each kilometre is walked by a member of the London Underground team checking for faults every 48 hours!
  • The majority of day-to-day repairs and maintenance have to be done in a window of just four hours overnight between the last and first trains. This includes the time it takes to walk the engineers and all their equipment to and from the site of repair between stations, often over a mile.

A huge thank you to our guide Dave Banks and Business Director Simon Bucknall for organising such a unique and captivating visit!


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14th Dec, 2011

Meet our Members - Tina Strack
by Sarah Beckwith on December 14, 2011 21:15


This week we meet Tina Strack, JCI London President 2007 and one of our newest senators.

Blog » Members » Tina.jpgWhy did you join JCI? I joined JCI because a friend from Uni was a member and told me about it. He and I were both members of fraternities at University and he explained it to me as being quite similar so I thought it would be a great way to meet people while developing my leadership skills.

What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why? Probably European Conference in 2007. I have never been around so many interesting, friendly people in my life. I remember that you could walk up to any person and just start chatting with them. I highly, highly recommend attending one of these.

What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member? For me, its always been about the people. I have met such lovely people through my time at JCI - people who interest me, who support me, who challenge me, who make me laugh and most importantly, who I enjoy spending time with.

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought possible before you joined? For me it would be taking on a leadership role. I've been involved with membership organisations all my life - student government, my sorority, clubs at University - and I never really had the courage to take on a leadership role until JCI. For me that aspect of JCI has always been such a strength of the organisation - it gives you a safe place to spread your wings and try things that you might not be able to do in work life. I still can't quite believe that I've managed to be President of two chambers.

What does becoming a senator mean to you? Its still a shock! But its such an honour and most importantly means that I will have a connection to this organisation and its amazing people forever. The funny thing is that on the evening I received my senatorship I had been telling Sarah how difficult it is when you hit 40 and you need to "let go" of JCI. This means I don't have to! I'm really humbled that JCI London felt I deserved this recognition - THANK YOU!


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3rd Dec, 2011

JCI London Recognised at National Convention
by Sarah Beckwith on December 3, 2011 15:50


It was a successful weekend for JCI London, with our chamber and members receiving the following awards:

National Awards

  • Most outstanding new member - Soraya BowenBlog » Random » MO New Member.jpg
  • Most outstanding international collaboration project - Live Like a Londoner Twinning Weekend
  • Most outstanding president - Sarah Beckwith
  • Certificate of Merit for regular local publication - this newsletter
  • Certificate of Merit for preparation by a deputy president - Simon Bucknall

100% Efficiency

This is the JCI quality standard. Local JCI chambers are awarded points for activities undertaken and essential administrative tasks throughout the year. JCI London achieved 100% efficiency for 2011.

ACE - Active Citizen Experience

A JCI UK initiative recognising those who volunteer their time in their local communities:

  • Mehnaz Siddiqui - Gold AwardBlog » Random » MO President.jpg
  • Frene Angeli - Silver Award
  • Alexandra Spencer - Silver Award

Public Speaking Competitions

Although we did not win, the members that competed in the public speaking competitions also deserve a mention - speaking in front of 50 plus people is never easy and it is a real achievement just to take part. Well done to:

  • Public Speaking Entrant - Alex Illsley
  • Extempore Entrants - Sofie Sandell & Marco van den Heuvel
  • The JCI London Debating Team - Marco van den Heuvel, Peter Simmons & Sarah Beckwith



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