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1st Jan, 1970

JCI Members from around Europe Living Like Londoners

Posted: September 16, 2011 23:44 by Sarah Beckwith

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JCI London has five twins - JCI chambers in other European Capital cities that we have a special relationship with, with the aim of promoting the sharing of cultural exchange, ideas and best practice. JCI London's twins are Stockholm, Paris, Tallinn, Copenhagen and Berlin.

The multi-twinning weekend is a past tradition of JCI London, which was reinstigated in 2011. On the weekend of 9-11 September members from each of the chamber's five twins were invited over for a weekend of home hospitality, sight-seeing and socialising, i.e. to learn how to really live like a Londoner. Activities included:


Blog » International » TW - Networking.JPG

Welcome drinks and curry on Brick Lane

Blog » International » TW - Shopping.JPG    Blog » International » Eyad - boat.JPG

Shopping in Camden followed by a trip down Regent's Canal

      Blog » International » TW - Dinner.JPG        Blog » International » Eyad - friends.JPG

Dinner in Holland Park followed by clubbing in Kensington

  Blog » International » TW - Sunday Brunch.JPG

Farewell brunch by the River Thames

The weekend was attended by a total of over 40 JCI London members, members from four out of five of our twin chambers, senators and also several alumni, who we were delighted chose to reconnect with the chamber for this event. Thanks to the fantastic feedback received we are definitely planning to host another twinning weekend next year!


Posted: September 16, 2011 23:44 by Sarah Beckwith with .

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