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30th Sep, 2011

Making an impact in membership week
by Sarah Beckwith on September 30, 2011 22:22


As well as a packed week of our usual great activities, including a community team meeting, project meeting about starting new chamber JCI Ignite London (very appropriate for membership week!) and a talk by a speaker from the Bank of England, JCI London hosted a successful open evening during JCI Membership week (19 to 25 September).

JCI London, members mingling during membership week

Many potential members turned up to hear what JCI London was all about and the exciting and varied opportunities to get involved.  The following JCI London members shared their stories:

xJCI London membership director, Lydia Bartaud-Nel, introduces the evening with a story about her involvement with the European Award winning Entrepreneurial Academy project.

JCI London membership director, Lydia Bartaud-Nel, introduces the evening with a story about her involvement with the European Award winning Entrepreneurial Academy project.

Lesley Young talks about her experiences in JCI London and JCI UK.

Past JCI London council director, Immediate Past President of JCI UK and current International Vice President, Lesley Young, tells of journey of not believing she was good enough to even join 15 years ago in Belfast to having one of the highest roles in JCI, allowing her to travel all over the world as a mentor to her assigned countries.

Sue Miller, senator JCI UK tells the audience about her long JCI "career".

Senator and International Training Fellow Sue Miller speaks about the trials and tribulations of being first lady of JCI UK (she is married to 1996 National President Barry Miller) and reaching the highest rung on the JCI training ladder, enabling her to train fellow members all over the world.

Blog » Random » Mehnaz.JPG  Mehnaz Siddiqui, who has been a member for only around 6 months, tells of her achievements in the community team (including heling to raise over £400 by running the Race for Life), discovering what JCI is all about for her and her plans to run for a council position next year!

Mehnaz Siddiqui, who has been a member for only around 6 months, tells of her achievements in the community team (including heling to raise over £400 by running the Race for Life), discovering what JCI is all about for her and her plans to run for a council position next year!

Sarah Beckwith, JCI London President at JCI London's Open Evening.

I present my own JCI story, which includes inspirational speakers I've seen, skills I've gained, places I've travelled all over the world, some very unusual experiences, plus lots of friendships and fun!

Deputy President, Simon Bucknall then rounded off the evening by outlining a few snippets of his plans for JCI London in 2012 and inviting the audience to consider what they hoped to achieve next year (whether as part of JCI or not). 

We then all headed off for a few drinks at the local pub and were very pleased that most attendees came along (perhaps because the first round was on me!).  We're looking forward to lots of enthusiastic new members signing up soon!

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27th Sep, 2011

On the 2nd October Soraya Bowen and I will be running round Loch Ness in order to try and raise awareness of Nothing but Nets. Nothing but Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to combat malaria, one of the largest killers of children in Africa. Sadly, every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies from Malaria but Malaria is preventable. Just $10 covers the cost of a net, its distribution and educating recipients on its use.

JCI London has set a target of 50 bednets for this year so Soraya and I are hoping that you will be able to support our efforts to help them achieve this. Soraya is running in the 10k event and I am running the marathon - eek! We think the aching will be worth it as we doing this in the hope that people will send one of those all important bednets.

As the name Nothing but Nets suggests it really is simple - sending nets saves lives - and it would be very much appreciated by Soraya and I if you could send a bednet so we hope you will take a look at our fundraising page:

Many thanks,
Alex Illsley

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24th Sep, 2011

JCI Presenter
by Simon James Bucknall on September 24, 2011 17:02


JCI Presenter graduates, JCI London.

By James Lynch

JCI London Member

Last Saturday, nine lucky Jaycees took part in the eagerly anticipated JCI Presenter course.

I have to say it didn't disappoint.

First, a massive thank you to Lina and Simon for making the experience so enjoyable and putting us all at ease right from the start.

Presenting to a group is something that many people find intimidating - and I am no exception. Despite this tendency towards flight instead of fight (the result of 'adrenaline', commonly misconceived as 'nerves' as Simon explained) I felt that having a firmer grasp of how to handle these situations would help me, both a personally and professionally. It was really rewarding to see the improvement in myself and the rest of the group over what was only a few hours.

We began by giving a few comments to introduce ourselves and our various backgrounds. As always in JCI, there was a wide range of professions, industries and nationalities. We then launched into topics and techniques in areas such as Presentation Styles, Openings, Structure, Body Language, Voice Tone, On Stage Movement to name a few before we were set the task of talking for 3 minutes on a given topic at the end of the day.

Under normal circumstances, this is where I'd 'flee' - but not this time! After spending the day absorbing the wealth of information on offer, by the time it came to my turn, I was... well, genuinely looking forward to the challenge! If any of you have experienced these negative feelings before speaking to a large group, you can imagine how refreshing it felt to have these replaced by excitement and anticipation.

This shift certainly changed the way I view Presenting and Public Speaking and I'm really looking forward to building on my new found enthusiasm by taking the JCI Trainer course (the next course in the series) when it becomes available.

I would strongly encourage anyone seeking to improve in this area to try this course as the impact can be seen immediately and, based on the quality of the training, the value for money is simply uncontested.

As an interesting side point, at the end of the day Lina talked through the training structure on offer to JCI members and if you're not aware of it I strongly recommend you check it out here It was exciting to think that the group of people that had gone through the course with me that day could one day be giving the same training to others in the future, possibly on an international stage!

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19th Sep, 2011

Bursaries available for the National Convention!
by Sarah Beckwith on September 19, 2011 21:39


The National Convention is the highlight of the JCI UK calendar.  The convention is being held in Sheffield between 25 and 27 November and just some of the activities include:

  • Pecha Kucha - developed in Japan in 2003 PK events are held around the world and it has grown into quite a phenomenon.  The concept works on a 20x20 basis - 20 slides/images and 20 seconds for each one.  You will get to hear 5 great speakers over the course of an hour.
  • Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony - Being held at the Kelham Island Museum, this night of celebration promises to be fun and memorable for all.
  • Key Note Speakers - Inspiration at every turn.  You won't believe what these leaders have achieved until you've heard it.
  • Competitions - Whether you are taking part or watching, the public speaking and debating competitions are a great experience and always provide a lot of laughs!
  • Networking - JCI is all about its members and national events are a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  If this is your first national event, worry not - there are networking training sessions which will ensure you will quickly meet lots of people in the same situation.

Early bird registration is just £99 until 30 September.  You can also get a great deal on a hotel, with a double or twin room only £99 for two nights!  You can find more information and sign up here.

JCI London is offering £75 bursaries to members attending their first national event.  To apply, download and fill in this form.  If you have any questions, please contact JCI London President, Sarah Beckwith.

About us » Awards '10.JPG

JCI London at the 2010 National Convention
More pictures can be found here

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19th Sep, 2011

As part of JCI membership week, we want to hear your opinions on JCI London.  This is your chance to tell us what you think, what we are doing well, what can be improved?  Feedback from our members is vital to ensure we deliver what our members want from their membership.

Every member who takes part will receive a free pass to one of our regular weeknight training or business events at the London Chamber of Commerce taking place between now and the end of the year.  One lucky winner will get their next year’s membership for free.

Click here to take survey

The survey will close on 5 October

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17th Sep, 2011

Meet Glyn Jones - JCI UK National Convention Team Member
by Sarah Beckwith on September 17, 2011 16:12


Blog » Members » Glyn - Sheffield.jpg

How long have you been a member?
I joined JCI Sheffield in only January of this year, but with everything that I have been involved with and the friendships I have made, it feels more like a couple of years!

Why did you join?
I met Kate Senter (JCI Sheffield President) during a normal work meeting to discuss how both of our organisations could work together. After listening to her speak so passionately about JCI I was sold!  When I looked through the list of events, seminars and training that was on offer, I really couldn't think of a reason why I wouldn't want to join, it seemed like a great way to improve the skills that I would need to move on in my career, and all I could think of at the time is that I wish I had joined sooner.

What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
I have just recently been lucky enough to attend an amazing 'Leadership Planning for Managers' session, where amongst other things we had to retrieve a life saving antidote from a contaminated field , plan a strategy to extract 2 teams from an island with a snowmobile and a dog sled in time to rendezvous with a military ship. Not things that I usually have to deal with in my day job! It was great opportunity to learn some leadership techniques that are used by the British Army which can be adapted to everyday life and in particular my role at work. It typified what JCI is all about, challenging yourself, learning new skills and working as part of a team.

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought possible before you joined?
The one thing that I didn't think was possible was that within 6 months of joining I would have met so many people, many of whom I now consider as friends and I am certain that number will continue to grow over the years.

What is your role this year?
After just a couple of months as a new member I took on the role of Business Director, so I am working on the partnerships and engagement that we have with local commercial organisations to help build the awareness of JCI in Sheffield. As an added bonus I am also part of the Planning Committee for the National Convention and I am currently responsible for securing sponsorship from the local businesses and organisations that are keen to align their brand with us, and with Sheffield being a city keen to promote entrepreneurialism and future business leaders there have been no shortage of interested parties.  

What made you take on this particular role?
I took on this role as I thought I could use a lot of the existing relationships I have with businesses in the area and my experience in sponsorship and promotions would be useful to ensure that we get the 'buy in' from the local business community to help make the National Convention an event that JCI will be proud of. And with the plans that we already have in place it is already shaping up to look like a phenomenal event and we cant wait for our JCI colleagues from around the country to come and experience some renowned Yorkshire hospitality.  

What are you hoping to achieve in this role?
The National Convention is a great opportunity for us to be able to promote the JCI. So beyond delivering a fantastic event for all the members , I am hoping that this will be the springboard to an ongoing campaign of improving the awareness of JCI, and hopefully we will get many more young professionals from the city and beyond who sign up to membership.  Personally through my role as Business Director, through the campaigns that we have been working on since I joined and the exciting ones that we have planned in the next few months, I would love to see our membership grow and we could go on to deliver even bigger and bolder projects.

What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member?
The thing that I enjoy most about being a JCI member is that there is opportunity and no limits. There is always something new to look forward to, something new to challenge yourself with, and you are surrounded by a great team of people who you can learn from and who are willing to support you along the way.  I have gained so much from it already and I haven't even scratched the surface yet, I can't wait to attend some of the International conferences and make connections with other members from around the world!

Sign up for the JCI UK National Convention here

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16th Sep, 2011

JCI Members from around Europe Living Like Londoners
by Sarah Beckwith on September 16, 2011 23:44


JCI London has five twins - JCI chambers in other European Capital cities that we have a special relationship with, with the aim of promoting the sharing of cultural exchange, ideas and best practice. JCI London's twins are Stockholm, Paris, Tallinn, Copenhagen and Berlin.

The multi-twinning weekend is a past tradition of JCI London, which was reinstigated in 2011. On the weekend of 9-11 September members from each of the chamber's five twins were invited over for a weekend of home hospitality, sight-seeing and socialising, i.e. to learn how to really live like a Londoner. Activities included:


Blog » International » TW - Networking.JPG

Welcome drinks and curry on Brick Lane

Blog » International » TW - Shopping.JPG    Blog » International » Eyad - boat.JPG

Shopping in Camden followed by a trip down Regent's Canal

      Blog » International » TW - Dinner.JPG        Blog » International » Eyad - friends.JPG

Dinner in Holland Park followed by clubbing in Kensington

  Blog » International » TW - Sunday Brunch.JPG

Farewell brunch by the River Thames

The weekend was attended by a total of over 40 JCI London members, members from four out of five of our twin chambers, senators and also several alumni, who we were delighted chose to reconnect with the chamber for this event. Thanks to the fantastic feedback received we are definitely planning to host another twinning weekend next year!


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11th Sep, 2011

Say Hello to the Real You
by Sarah Beckwith on September 11, 2011 13:47


One of the most important factors in achieving success and developing yourself as a leader is to know yourself. What are my strengths, what are my weaknesses? How can I build on my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses?

The workshop "Say Hello to the Real You" with Stephen Wells on Monday the 5th of September was an attempt at helping the 15 participants begin the process of doing just that, and what a start it was!

Stephen runs his own coaching company, "Aim to Succeed" and makes a living out of helping individuals and businesses build a successful strategy for growth, and this evening gave us a taste of what it is he provides for his clients.

Blog » Training » 2011-09-05_Say.jpg

As we discovered, going through this process is not always easy. Developing new insights into yourself and what you are will sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. But JCI provides just the sort of safe environment needed to do so. Stephen guided us through a thoroughly crafted presentation, interspersed with important features from Neurolinguistic Programming which made the participants aware of the importance of the labels we attach to ourselves, and how we define what we are. I believe I speak for everyone there when I say that we all learned something more about each other as well as ourselves that night, and that it really motivated us to begin learning more about ourselves and who we really are. Of course, one cannot change in just one night, but this night gave us the inspiration to begin that change on our own, and gave us some important tools help us along the way.

By Endre Lunde, JCI London Member

Blog » Training » 2011-09-05_Say1.jpg

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3rd Sep, 2011

How To Target Your Audience
by Sarah Beckwith on September 3, 2011 11:23


Starting a small business is daunting challenge in itself. Taking steps to understanding marketing to develop a marketing strategy is critical to getting your business focused in the right direction to build, grow, promote and increase sales with your ideal audience.

A very energetic and enthusiastic presenter Amber Raney-Kincade delivered the session. JCI members were involved in an interactive seminar which covered the insights into the marketing funnel and the loyalty loop. What clearly became apparent was marketing applies areas of business psychology and peoples' behaviours which influence their buying decisions habits and lifestyle.

I have recently launched an exciting start-up business that identifies, develops and distributes innovative products to deliver to the UK market. The session was relevant to me as under my portfolio we have introduced an innovative tea concept not seen in the UK that is an alternative to the messy tea bags ( and soon to launch a platform for building gap analysis, it delivers strategic results that allow you to prioritise and move forward (

Having the right marketing mix with your targeted audience will be pivotal to engagement and exposure. I personally have a business background through my business degree and previous career as a management consultant, I only applied the four Ps of the marketing mix:

  • Product
  • Placement
  • Promotion
  • Price

What Amber added was the holistic 7 Ps of the marketing mix to support your target audience

  • People
  • Process
  • Physical Environment


Identifying who your business stakeholders and their demographic will help define who is the audience you need to target, their environment, interests and groups which will help shape your ideal customer. Mapping out the customer journey is useful technique which my team I have focused on with the Royal T-Sticks targeting, not limited to, hospitality/office sector and with Spidergap with consultants in consultancies, research organisations and human resource departments.

This made me think of developing use case scenario examples of my ideal customers. These scenarios would help bring to life your audience you will need to communicate with through your now defined marketing mix.  Using social media strategies to engage build rapport with your audience was an area Amber honed in on, using not just USP (unique selling points) but also ESP (emotional selling point). Communicate with your audience through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, website, newsletters.

There are many marketing definitions out there, one I noted "the aim of  marketing is to know and understand your customer so well the product or service fits him/her and sells itself." - Drucker

To permeate all areas through the marketing mix is important, more critical is timing of the communications, which the analogy used, is a bit like the recipe for preparing and serving Christmas Dinner which should come out in the right order and prioritised correctly. This would not work if the brussel spouts came out before the main meal, marketing communication is similar!

Great anecdotes and real life examples brought the theory to life and covered basic concepts to more insightful examples of marketing genius with Nintendo Wii and not so great marketing campaigns with TRiiBE drink launch.

Everyone took away some general and practical advice away on the worksheet handout, I was happily picked on as my current situation is very real in the process. I was targeting my audience through trade shows and industry organisations including the London Olympics Committee buyers. There are other channels I need to consider to reach out to the ideal customer. The session was overall both entertaining and informative to stimulate further thinking and action of getting marketing right first time.

By Ricky Kothari, JCI London Member


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