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30th May, 2011

Penny Poker!
by Sarah Beckwith on May 30, 2011 14:01


Blog » Community » Img_4090sm.jpg

It was a Sunday afternoon and members of the JCI London council and friends sat down to a game of poker with a difference. We were playing with pennies! All in aid of the ongoing JCI UK Penny War for Nothing But Nets.

Playing with pennies made no difference to the competitive spirit judging by the staring contests and the amount of yelling and laughing going on. Emotions ran high and rematches have been demanded by many players.

A lot of fun was had by all and an impressive amount of pennies were were donated to our penny jar and the Nothing But Nets campaign. It now looks like we have started a trend and Penny Poker is spreading around JCI chambers across the UK.

Why not set up your own Penny Poker game? The rules are:Blog » Community » Img_4093sm.jpg

  1. Each participant brings £5 worth of 1p coins.

  2. Tables of up to 5 players recommended

  3. Ante starts at 1p each game (can be upped if you're feeling lucky/reckless!)

  4. At least 50% of winnings to go to Nothing But Nets (please contact Soraya Bowen to donate)

  5. For the rules of to ask someone who knows!


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30th May, 2011

Sabirul Islam set to Inspire 1 Million
by Sarah Beckwith on May 30, 2011 12:42


Sabirul Islam, JCI TOYP winner 2010 and long-time friend of JCI London, is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million.

Sabirul IslamThrough a world tour taking in 20 countries in 12 months, Sabirul aims to inspire, engage and transform the lives of 1 million people. He wants to inspire people to gain self belief, motivation and develop a pathway in life to help them succeed through various entrepreneurial initiatives. Many of the visits have been arranged by JCI chambers in the various countries he will visit in the next year.

Sabirul says: "I always believe its important to leave a mark in life and create a legacy. The inspire1million personally means a lot to me, and would really love your help in making it a legacy which people worldwide remember".

Have you been inspired by Sabirul? Upload your image here.


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30th May, 2011

Everything you've heard is TRUE!! ECM 2011
by Sarah Beckwith on May 30, 2011 12:07


Blog » International » ecm.jpgI was on the flight back to London, tired, exhausted, sleepy… yet somehow I was excited. I have just been introduced to a whole new dimension in JCI that I have never experienced before. I sat on the flight thinking of this blog, where would I start?

From a group sunrise hug, to eye opening company visits, a sexy lingerie fashion show to endless party nights. Even with the three hours’ sleep per night, my first international JCI event, the European Capitals Meeting hosted by JCI Tallinn, had blown my mind away.

I don’t want to sound cliché and mention all the same things that we hear all the time about international events, but they are all TRUE! It was the perfect holiday with the combination of personnel development, tourism, culture and social events. I had an immediate connection with all other likeminded jaycees that I spoke too. Members that were just like me, that inspired me, that made me want to push for more. ‘Friends’ (as I will call them) that I have now all over Europe that I cannot wait for them to visit me or I visit them. I even built a much stronger friendship with the other JCI London members that attended and got to know them better.

Blog » International » xxxx.pngThe event organisation was outstanding. The communication and the care that was paid towards every attendant made each one feel like the whole event was organised for them. Thanks to Pille Lodi and her team, Ivar Veskioja the JCI Tallinn IVP and last but not least Kati Veskimägi JCI Tallin President for being an excellent hostess.

My first JCI international event is over. But here I am, waiting, and counting, the hours for my next international event, JCI European Conference in Tarragona… just a few days away!!!

Eyad Hamouieh

International Director 2011

JCI London

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30th May, 2011

Meet Melissa Hackney - Community Team Member
by Sarah Beckwith on May 30, 2011 11:51


How long have you been a member? Around a year and a half. 
Why did you join? I had not been living in London for very long and wanted to meet new people.   As a Solicitor I was also interested to find out about the soft skills courses and networking opportunities which JCI offers.
Blog » Community » 248892_10150277624627577_601587576_8967586_8178192_n.jpgWhich JCI event would you recommend to other people? I have found the "Go For It" community event the most  interesting and rewarding event to date, which I would recommend to others.  It provides the opportunity to meet people of an age group and background who you may not otherwise meet, and to find out what interests and motivates them.  It is clear that just by attending the event and sharing out experience, we made a difference to their lives in some way.       
Has JCI presented any unusual  or unexpected opportunities? When I attended the JCI Open Evening and became a member, the first person I met was Eyad, who is currently the JCI international director.  When he told me that he was from Syria, I mentioned that I was trying to learn Arabic at the time, but was failing miserably.    Eyad became my Arabic tutor and we subsequently had a few amusing lessons, and an interesting trip to a Syrian restaurant, which included a memorable dish of meat and yoghurt.   
Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that  has benefitted your career?   JCI gave me the opportunity to develop my networking skills, particularly at the Thursday networking events.  I'm now completely at ease walking into a room full of strangers at business networking events.    
I think that JCI presents a lots of opportunities which will benefit my career in the long run, but it also offers much more than that.  
What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member? I enjoy having a new circle of friends who I can call anytimeboth on a professional level but also personally  (e.g. when I'm lost in Bloomsbury and can't get GPS to work - Carolin :) )

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17th May, 2011

Twinning is Winning! JCI ECM 2011
by Sarah Beckwith on May 17, 2011 19:41


Having been a member of JCI London for less than a year, I have to confess the idea of attending an International JCI event was a little daunting. A number of older JCI London members had said it would be great, but I still wasn't totally convinced. How wrong could I have been!

From the moment we landed in Tallinn, the local JCI chapter treated us like VIPs. Everything from the hotel and conference centre to regular text message updates were planned to a level of detail that most international events companies would struggle to achieve. The team at JCI Tallinn had literally organised 3 days of 24 hours activity (including the optional 4 hours of sleep each morning). From flying in a guest speaker from the US, organising visits to local businesses, trips to Tallinn's sites, and the excellent social events in the evenings, there wasn't a moment where we weren't either educated, inspired or entertained.

In the brief moments where activities hadn't been organised for us, we had the opportunity to meet new and reconnect with old friends from across Europe. For me, a great opportunity to understand more about JCI at an international level, learn about projects that had gone well, some that hadn't, share some of my experiences and discover that regardless of how successful individual chambers were, there were always areas they would like to improve. However, what I was really surprised by, was that regardless of locale, the JCI "spirit" existed within everyone I met.

Blog » International » 241597_10150181846600670_551735669_7459792_5764932_o.jpg

Sitting back at my desk in London, I'm slightly tired, but totally energised by the past few days, which is just what I needed to help some of my JCI London projects push on to their next stages. But most of all, I can't wait for my next event!

I'd like to thank all of the JCI Tallinn team for a world class event and would like to pay special thanks to Pille Lodi and her team for putting on an event that was engaging, varied, educational and inspiring in every way and also her personal commitment in ensuring that everyone was looked after throughout. Kati Veskimägi for being an excellent host and president, and last, but not least, Ivar Veskioja for being an outstanding master of ceremonies and ensuring that even after full days of activities, we still had the energy and enthusiasm to watch the sun rise every morning!

I'm honoured that JCI London is twinned with JCI Tallinn and privileged to be a member of such an amazing organisation.

By Alex Membrey, JCI London Member

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16th May, 2011

JCI Americas Conference in Curacao
by Sarah Beckwith on May 16, 2011 21:55


Here are a few words about the international conference in Curacao I attended : It was outstanding. The events were simply tremendous. We had the opportunity to taste foods and even more drinks from most of the countries of America during the nation's night. We appreciated as well the different Latin and Caribbean cultures when delegations came on stage, dressed with local clothes, and danced as they usually do at home. I had the chance to exchange words and have fun with people from more than 15 countries. I made loads of friends. I particularly enjoyed spending time with JCI Haiti, a very friendly delegation.

Blog » International » IMG_0609.JPG

    I attended many great workshops, like "La chaise" (the chair) from Laurie (JCI Guadeloupe). The chair is a metaphor to explain how to manage people who work for us, we should be grateful for them and not use them simply as objects. I saw as well Suzette Plaisted (USA) who performed an interesting workshop about getting the best out of a team. I really recommend these trainers if they comes one of these days to Europe.


Blog » International » MonicaFbPic.jpg

    I met the world president (Kentaro Harada), many IVPs, national and local presidents and many senators. They performed passionate and very inspiring speeches. I came with only one symbol from UK (our national pin's!) that I expected to keep, but I come back with a T-shirt from Argentina, a bottle of rum from Panama, pins from Ecuador and Belgium, and many more gifts. More than that, I come back with loads of great souvenirs from the parties and good times I had in Curacao. I just regret not to have been able to find more time taking rest, doing a bit of tourism.


Blog » International » IMG_0658.JPG

    In conclusion, I would like to give thanks to all the COC team (directed by Luzayra Boutisma, that I particularly thank) for this amazing conference and everybody who was there. I would say that the Americas opened the 4 international conferences tour at a very high level, and I want to go to Tarragona to see if I can have as much fun.


By Vincent Espitalier, JCI London member

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15th May, 2011

Interview with Solveig Malvik - JCI UK Deputy President
by Sarah Beckwith on May 15, 2011 22:22


Council team » Solveig.jpgWhat made you take on this role?
The opportunity to make a difference in JCI United Kingdom. When I joined JCI I did not expect to be elected Deputy National President less than 3 years later. When I first joined I remember looking up to Sofie and Marco as semi-gods as Local Presidents, and the National President I didn't dare talk to at all! I don't think the opportunity to take on the leadership of a national organisation comes everyday, and when opportunity knocks, I answer!

What are your plans for JCI UK in 2011 and 2012
In 2011 my plans are to support National President Allison Cowell and also to plan and prepare for 2012. I want to involve the current and future local presidents and active members as much as I can in this planning so that everyone can contribute and feel they have a stake and ownership in how our organisation is developing.

JCI is a leadership development organisation and we need to not only give leadership development opportunities to our members but also provide active leadership support. As National board our role is to support the local chambers. JCI is first and foremost local. If we don't make a difference in our local communities, if we don't contribute, if no-one were to miss us if we went away, then JCI is loosing its relevance and that is what I want to work on as National President in 2012. Support our local presidents make a difference in their local communities and be the best leaders they can be.

Has JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities? 

Unusual and interesting? For sure! Let me think which ones are appropriate for general consumption...

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought possible before you joined?
I'm an optimist, so I wouldn't say that anything before seemed impossible. However there are lots of things I've done through JCI that I didn't expect to do. I didn't expect to be the National President or Local President of JCI London, or even get as active as I have become, neither did I expect to speak in the House of Lords, compete in the World Public Speaking Championship, see Ban Ki-Moon, build a float in a Swedish forest, become a trainer...and the list goes on... (and I think that should answer the question before too...)
What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member?
The people. I love that everyone in JCI are engaged in the world around them. We say that our motto is "Be Better" and that is so true about JCI members. We're always looking at how we can make something be better, how we can be better, how we can make the world around us better for us and everyone else. With JCI members around there's always a good conversation lurking somewhere. 
Anything you want to say to end with?
Yes! If you are interested in the strategic development of our organisation, join Future Forum this year! We'll look at membership trends and how we can make the membership experience better.

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15th May, 2011

Roy Sandler, who recently delivered an impressive JCI London seminar on Import and Export, has organised an event that any budding entrepreneurs or recent graduates simply should not miss. In his capacity as Organiser of the London Entrepreneur Meetup Group, Roy has arranged for Elisabeth Scott of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation to be the guest speaker on the evening of Wednesday 25th May at a fantastic Central London venue, The Yacht London ( 

The aim of the Foundation is to create a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs who will play a role in Britain's future growth and prosperity and create new market leading businesses. The new Entrepreneur Foundation is supported by a number of leading business leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Sir Nigel Rudd, Charles Dunstone, Jon Moulton and Brent Hoberman.

Further details of the event including how to register can be found at and further details of the Foundation are at


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10th May, 2011

Inspired by some enterprising young entrepreneurs
by Sarah Beckwith on May 10, 2011 20:59


Young EnterpriseI have just returned from the Young Enterprise Central London finals and boy am I impressed!  Six teams of school students, who have set up their own companies, designed products and sold them to their designated market ,made presentations about their entrepreneurial journeys.

The products were all innovative, well-researched and some have even been bought by high street chains.  They ranged from solar-powered mobile phone chargers, to baby (or handbag) minders, to a fashion brand.  The winning team, The Readables, designed, manufactured and sold a totem pole bookmark aimed at getting children excited about reading.

Each of the businesses made a profit, some producing returns on investment up to 200%.  Many of the teams donated some or all of their profits to charity.


Blog » Random » Home Run Clothing Stand.jpg   Blog » Random » Excel Revision Book Stand.jpg

I was blown away by the quality of the presentations made by the teenagers.  At that age I would have been terrified to give a presentation in front of an audience of around 70 business people and peers.  The presenters were professional, knowledgeable and humorous and a large proportion spoke without notes.  They could teach a thing or two to many adults I know (JCI members who've been on one of our public speaking training sessions excepted of course!).

Each team member had obviously invested a lot of time, effort and passion into their project and there was great nervous excitement as prizes were handed out for best presentation, stand, project report and company overall.  Congratulations to all the participants and winners.  There are clearly many future entrepreneurs (and hopefully JCI members) in London!


Blog » Random » The Readables Totem Bookmark Stand.jpg   Blog » Random » The Winners Collect Their Award.jpg

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2nd May, 2011

JCI London Projects Looking for Team Members
by Sarah Beckwith on May 2, 2011 13:16



We have some exciting projects on the go at the moment and looking for members to get involved to make them a success. To name a handful:


1. Starting a new JCI Chamber in London

We're looking for some dedicated members to form part of this project team to help us create a new chamber to provide more JCI members to opportunities to become leaders in this Local Chamber and make a difference to their lives and the community. So if you have some spare time on your hands and willing to commit to taking on some tasks to help us achieve this. Tasks may include:

  • Be it in the from of either analysing boroughs in London,
  • Researching what future members want,
  • Organising team meetings,
  • Talking to other chambers around UK/EU on their experiences,
  • Building relationships with international cities for twinning possibilities,
  • Investigating venues to base the new chamber,
  • Applying for funding and looking for sponsorship
  • ....the list goes on!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved. We're looking for people who are able to commit at least an 1hr-2hr per week if need be as well as be an active part of the decisions that need to be made.


2. Twinning Weekend in London

JCI stands for Junior Chamber International. London is probably the most international Chamber in the world, and we are connected to 5 other cities we call twins  (JCI in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallin, Paris and Berlin), which means we have a special relationship with these cities. What better way for our members to get to know each other than to invite our twins to London for a weekend of fun and experiences to build upon our close relationships? JCI London are hosting a twinning weekend on the first weekend of September 2011 and we're looking for members to be part of this project team to make this weekend happen and ensure out twins have a fantastic experiences and leave London with a good impression. The theme of our Twinning weekend is "Live like a Londoner".

Some of the tasks include:

  • Checking out venues for events like dinners,
  • hotels/hostels or members who are willing to host a guest for the weekend,
  • organising walking tours and other London inspired sites,
  • creating marketing material for our weekend,
  • assist with being a contact for a twin city if they have queries or questions,
  • possibly look for sponsorship from companies for some funding to make the weekend cheap for our twins
  • Assist on the actual weekend (host events, coordinate members, show members around during their free time).

This project will require you to attend a team meeting per month and complete which ever tasks you take on in your own time.

This is a great chance to get involved and build some bridges on an International level!


3. Other Events

Fancy organising and hosting something fun? We are looking for members to be apart of our fun social team and help us organise and host a wide variety of events to keep our members entertained. We have some ideas, but always keen to hear some more and make them happen! So of the events we have in mind are:

  • Dinner Evenings
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Cocktail Making evening
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Apprentice style days in London
  • Laser Tagging/Paintballing
  • Party/Club evenings out in London
  • Networking Thursday in the Pubs
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Festival Days
  • Etc........

This is a fun way to get involved and get to know more members!


If any of these projects have sparked your interest then please get in touch with Nadene Jones


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