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26th Feb, 2011

Meet Soraya - JCI London's Deputy Community Director
by Sarah Beckwith on February 26, 2011 13:46


Blog » Random » Mile of Pennies.jpgHow long have you been a member?

6 months

What is your role this year?

Deputy Director Community

What made you take on this particular role?

In my current role in the NHS I workpredominatelyin thecommunity, this role doesn'tallow me to focus on other areas of interest such as leadership skills needed in the third sector andcorporatesocialresponsibility.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

There is just so much I could say here. I would say to build on the community teams main theme : Building foundations for active citizenship at grassroots level, enabling our  members to make an impact at local and international level. A key achievement would be create more volunteering opportunities and assist our members developing projects that make an impact in their local communities. Finally for the London chamber to raise the most money for the Nothing But Nets  through the Mile of Pennies campaign- basically collecting pennies from members at every event.  So remember JCI members bring your pennies to every event (larger donations are most welcome). Every penny counts!!!!

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought possible before you joined?

Standing on a drinks create at speakers corner totally unprepared promoting the benefits of JCI to the general public for Leadership Academy  apprentice challenge

What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member?

Opportunity to meet like-minded people, JCI really allows to put the personal back into personal development as sometimes can be restricted in the workplace and the space you are given to develop these skills


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25th Feb, 2011

Keeping with this week's International theme of America and the talk held by Roy Sandler on Importing and Exporting to North America, we thought we would try a famous American Style dish and go for a Steak Dinner Evening.

There has been much hype over the last few years with the popular American TV series "Hell's Kitchen" being taken over by a well known British celebrity chef, restaurateur and television personality. So we booked a table at Marco Pierre White's Steak & Alehouse in Liverpool Street, in the hope that we would get to see this famous icon, which unfortunately we didn't. Marco Pierre White was youngest chef ever to have been awarded three Michelin stars and his success is known all over the world.

There was a great response to the event from our members and we had a nice mixture of potential members, new members and the wise members from the past. A few large TV screens surrounded the restaurant providing the lighting with country open fires displayed. The food was good, with a 3 course meal from a set menu which included a good size steak which is what most members opted for and a lovely selection of deserts and optional coffee's to top off the evening.

By Nadene Jones, JCI London Social Director


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20th Feb, 2011

by Sarah Beckwith on February 20, 2011 18:00


I have just finished reading Clive Woodward's autobiography Winning!  Clive was the coach of the England rugby team that won the World Cup in 2003.  I'm not a rugby fan, I didn't watch the world cup, in fact I think I've probably only seen a rugby match once or twice in my life.  So what was I doing reading this particular book?

It was recommended as a great text on leadership and I was not disappointed.  Clive describes how he used his experience in the business world to lead the team to glory against all the odds.  The book includes some important lessons in building a team with one culture, creating successful win-win partnerships, thinking laterally to find a way around otherwise insurmountable obstacles and not compromising in order to achieve results.

I don't often read autobiographies, yet Clive's book in places reads more like a novel.  It has a narrative that draws you in, there are cliffhanger endings to chapters and a lot of emotion (not always ideal as I was mainly reading on the tube!).

I would recommend the book to anyone interested in leadership, motivation, teamwork..oh and rugby!



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16th Feb, 2011

JCI London Members Sold on Cold Calling
by Sarah Beckwith on February 16, 2011 17:29


Blog » Training » Cold Calling.jpgIt was a packed room for JCI London's training event last night - our Cold Calling workshop was a sell out!  Those lucky 20 members who managed to get tickets got to hear top trainer and sales expert Jeremy Jacobs' top tips for confident and successful cold calling.  The receipe for success boiled down to three things: enthusiasm, discipline and rapport.

Some participants also got to have a go at a cold calling role-play.  I was especially impressed when it came to my turn, as the event had largely focussed around those owning or working for small businesses, yet Jeremy quickly adapted to my rather technical job working for a much larger company.

Past President of JCI London and JCI UK Marketing Director Sofie Sandell said of the event: ˝Even if you know a lot about a topic it's always refreshing to go and listen to a new speaker you never heard before, I always pick up something new˝.


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13th Feb, 2011

JCI London Joins the Mile of Pennies
by Sarah Beckwith on February 13, 2011 21:57


JCI London has started its collection for the JCI UK community project Mile of Pennies.  The project is raising money for Nothing But Nets, JCI's campaign in partnership with the UN to combat maleria in Africa.

If every member can collect 1p per day for a year then we could raise approximately £1500, although we would like to raise much more.  The penny jar will be out at our events, so bring along those spare pennies!


Blog » Random » Mile of Pennies.jpg

Deputy Community Director Soraya Bowen shows off JCI London's Mile of Pennies jar

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9th Feb, 2011

First open evening of the year
by Sarah Beckwith on February 9, 2011 22:59



The First JCI London Open evening for 2011 was a success. We had a wonderful turn out of people - both prospective new members and existing new members - very international with people from The Netherlands, Estonia, France, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Tanzania, Algeria etc....


The presentation started off with Lydia (Membership Director) explaining a little about what JCI is followed by her personal story of why she joined and became an active member.


It was the JCI London Directors turn next to give a little talk on their areas and the plans they have for the new and exciting year ahead. First in line was Callum (Marketing Director 2011) who talked about the Marketing Strategy and plans that were happening on his side, in conjunction with National Board and Solveig (National Marketing Director 2011). Next Dimitri (Community Director 2011), assisted by Soraya (Deputy Community & Marketing Director 2011) talked about the projects happening in the Community Side with Mile of Pennies, the "Go for it" project and Crisis: Mission Oxford Treasure Hunt planned to raise money for the Homeless with a Pub Quiz. The Social team was next, myself Nadene (Social Director 2011) with a little on some of the upcoming events - Networking Thursdays, Chocolate Tasting and some of the projects on the go interlinking the International Themes for the weeks ahead with American style dinners etc....


Solveig (Past President 2010) then spoke to the group as a trainer on some of the up and coming events happening in the national training calendar. Eyad (International Director 2011) discussed the types of events and speakers who are coming to the chamber over the next few weeks which stimulated a lot of interest from the audience. Then last, but not least was Sarah (President 2011) who explained what JCI really means and the things that can be achieved by being a member - very inspirational. The JCI UK video clip followed, which for those of you who haven't seen i would recommend taking a look on the JCI UK website (link on right hand side)


The evening ended with a trip to the Local pub for some networking.


By Nadene Jones, Social Director

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7th Feb, 2011

Congratulations to JCI London's New Trainers!
by Sarah Beckwith on February 7, 2011 16:49


JCI Trainer course was held over the weekend or 5th/6th Feb which naturally just a followed on from week after an Inspiration day and JCI Presenter course.  Doing JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer with in a few days was a great way to keep the enthusiasm levels up especially with having the friendly faces of Adam and Simon back for a second weekend with all their wealth of knowledge between them.

Most of the participants who did JCI Presenter during the weekend before were the same people who attended JCI Trainer over

this weekend. There was a huge and noticeable difference in the levels of confidence during JCI Trainer compared to the weekend before.  People were more actively engaged and not shy when asked to make 1-3 minutes presentations to the room of 14 people. There wasn’t a point when the either Adam or Simon were forcing people to volunteer.  Both Trainers did a fantastic job at co-ordinating the teams, keeping them to time and offering invaluable knowledge and feedback through out all the team exercises.

Events » Training courses » Trainers.jpg

The course delivered was very thorough, and a lot of content was covered in the small amount of time we had in just two days. There was almost a point where it was a challenge to see how all the information being presented would be retained, especially after the first full day of training and interactive games. “Information Overload” would be a way to describe it. On the second day, the information had been aborted and was put into practice and the Trainees survived the day to tell their story. To be a good trainer, the JCI Trainer trainees from this weekend have all learnt that it’s about taking your trainees on a journey by making them feel engaged and active in what they are learning about.

There was a noticeable difference by the end of the course between being a presenter and being a trainer. Having done both, it’s understandable why completing JCI Presenter is an advantage before going up the next step in the ladder to JCI Trainer.

There are now a new class of JCI Trainer Graduates unleashed in the JCI community who are rearing to go, so take advantage of this and get your small learning requests in early and help them get their hours up!


By Nadene Jones, JCI London Social Director

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6th Feb, 2011

Meet JCI London's Newest Senator - Marco van den Heuvel
by Sarah Beckwith on February 6, 2011 17:14


How long have you been a member?
I have been a member since March 2005, so almost 6 years.

Why did you join JCI?
I was a Research Chemist at the time and convinced of my potential to be a good team leader at the company I worked for. However, they felt that as I didn't have the experience they couldn't give me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities. That way I would never progress my career. Then I heard about JCI (by chance) and immediately recognised the potential to learn additional skills, get involved in projects and demonstrate (to myself as well as others) that I could indeed lead a team.

What is the Council team » Marco.jpgmost interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
That's a difficult one, as I have been to so many interesting ones. Top of the list though must be the international events like European Conferences and European Capitals Meetings. My best training experience has been European Academy, which is aimed at incoming Local Presidents: excellent trainers and training events, fantastic people and networking opportunities.

Has JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
That has to be my career change. Although I joined JCI to increase my chances of career progression to team leader in Chemistry, I had acquired all these great transferable skills through taking on leading roles on (international) projects and by being Local President. Realising I would not be able to put them into practice at my company, I decided to look for another job outside chemistry. Chance had it that I met my next employer, Marcus Orlovsky, at the European Conference in Budapest in 2009 who was a very inspiring speaker and mentioned they were looking for more staff. His drive and passion to improve learning environments at schools in the UK matched my desire to create positive change through my work. If it wasn't for the transferable skills I acquired through JCI that career change would simply not have been possible.

What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member?
The opportunities for continuous personal development, meeting people from all walks of life and hearing their personal stories, working with other driven members who volunteer their time to help others whilst developing their skill set, and above all the supportive environment to expand your comfort zone and to become the person you can be.

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought possible before you joined?
Where to begin...? Leaving chemistry after my Ph.D. and 7 years industrial experience to a job for which I had no experience or qualifications. Having dinner at the House of Commons and House of Lords (and speaking at the House of Lords!). Taking part in public speaking and debating competitions (and being quite good at it). Having an extensive international network of people many of whom I can proudly say I call friends.

What does becoming a senator mean to you?
Whilst I still feel that I have not done enough for JCI to deserve this great honour, it has given me the perfect opportunity to do just that: continue 'giving' and taking part, and be part of this great organisation after I age out (which is not that far away).

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1st Feb, 2011

JCI London Members Take the First Step on the JCI Training Ladder
by Sarah Beckwith on February 1, 2011 17:01


JCI Presenter Training day was held on 30th Jan, with a fully booked attendance list. Which wasn't difficult for most members who participate were still on a high after attending Inspiration day in Reading on Saturday 29th. So the atmosphere and energy levels were an added bonus to the day.

The group was lucky enough to have 3 wonderful trainers for the day - Adam Woodall (Head Trainer), Simon Bucknall (Assistant Trainer) and Solveig Malvik (Assistant Trainer). We were pleased to have National President Allison Cowell attend the Inspiration Day on Saturday 29th, she also stayed on and was one of the trainees for the day.

The group was split into 2 smaller groups of people so the trainers were able to give the participant more face time and it allowed people to feel a little less intimidated when presenting to the other members, especially as most of the participant haven't had much experience in public speaking.

The objectives for the day were met and exceeded, which is unsurprising with such a motivated group of people who were just soaking up all the information that the trainers were offering. Some of the learning's which stood out includes how to structure Presentations, how to design them in a way to capture the audiences attention and engage their interested but also which presentation to use in the right situations, e.g. Project Proposals to get people to buy into the idea your giving them, Sales Report to get the listeners attention and outline the benefits of your idea, Project Status Report to state the facts and keep the tasks and people inline with the plan.

One of the "ah-ha" moments for the day was being told that presentations are like swans - Swans look like they are gliding gracefully across the water from the top view, but realistically they are frantically moving their legs to keep moving and people who deliver good presentations are sometimes feeling the same - all calm on the outside while frantically trying to remember the contents of what they want to say next as well as judging the impact on the audience. It's a point like that were people feel a little more relaxed about the fear of presenting as everyone around them feels the same. Though the message for the day was, it's not about the presenters themselves, it's about the audience and what your trying to tell them. It's a way of thinking that needs to be adapted to be a great presenter and we all have the capability in us!

By Nadene Jones, JCI London Social Director


Blog » Training » Nadene Presenter.jpg

Nadene receiving her graduation certificate from Head Trainer Adam Woodhall

and Assistant Trainers Solveig Malvik and Simon Bucknall

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